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Why Hong Kong Company ?

a) Tax consideration – Hong Kong is using territorial tax system, it means it only charges for income which is done in Hong Kong. So if clients use Hong Kong company to do offshore business, it is legal tax free.

b) Protection of privacy – Hong Kong has privacy law, it is not allowed by the institutions to show clients details without clients consent. Otherwise they breach criminal law.

c) Bank opening – Hong Kong is an international well-known financial centre, it is easy to open banks over the world if using Hong Kong company.

d) Trust arrangement – Hong Kong has trust law, so under the trust arrangement, for business reasons, we can provide nominees directorship and nominees shareholder through trust law of Hong Kong.

e) Legal and political systems of the jurisdiction – Hong Kong is part of China, and so to use Hong Kong to enter Chinese market can expand the Asia business easily. Hong Kong was part of colony of UK, Hong Kong returned to China in 1997 through Joint Declaration, which confirm that Hong Kong will keep unchanged for fifty years, so the legal systems are still using UK legal systems.

f) Fee structure – The fee is rather low for company setup as compared to other jurisdictions like Bermuda, etc.

g) Processing time – Hong Kong Company Registry has launched Online Registration System, so it can get a company registered within hours?

h) Implication process – As provided by Online Registrations System, so it becomes easier to register a Hong Kong company, client only provides passport copy, we can get it done within hours.

I) The reputation of the jurisdiction – As Hong Kong is an international well-known financial centre, it is easy to get contracts order if use Hong Kong company to sign contracts.

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