What visa to apply for in the UK and requirements for UK business visa?

Biometric Residence Permit and its use

Biometric residence permit is a plastic card and is necessary for a person if he has to stay in the UK for a period longer than 6 months. It acts as a proof of your permission to be in the UK that includes information about your period of stay, and can also be used as identification. It is only provided to non EEA applicant.

To apply for a visa for more than 6 months, you must possess biometric residence permit.  It’s basically used to show employers or your university officials of your permission to stay work/study in the UK. There’s no need to apply for a BRP separately, as you have already given your personal information when you are applying for a visa application. For people residing in the UK, they can provide their biometric information at designated Post Office branches or they can submit their information online.

People applying from overseas will receive a BRP upon arrival. The BRP must be collected form the Post Office within 10 days of arrival. The first trip can be made without a BRP using vignette valid for 30 days.

BRP does not need to be carried all the time as it’s only needed when travelling to and from the UK.

Ancestry visa

A work visa is for those who are commonwealth citizens. One must apply from outside the UK and must be able to prove that your grandparents are born in the UK; one must show his ability and planning to work in the country. This Visa allows a person to stay for 5 years. It also allows one to study, work and being family members but cannot switch visa. One will not be allowed to access ancestry funds and the visa alone costs 496 pounds and one will also require paying surcharge on healthcare.

One must also prove that he is over 17 with enough money to support him without being a burden on public funds.

Visa for a person whose family members are permanent UK residents

A person will need “a family of a settled person” visa if he or she wants to extend his or her stay with the family who is residing in the UK permanently. One can also extend this type of Visa and also can switch to this type of Visa. The family member on whom you apply for the visa must be a British citizen or has asylum or humanitarian protection of the UK. One can also apply to remain with the child if he or she resides in the UK for 7 years or more.

The visa has to be applied again for extension after 2 and half years. One can work study or bring dependents but cannot claim benefits.

Visa for the partner of EEA national

Instead of family of a settled person visa, one can apply for an EEA family permit instead if the person you will be joining is from EEA or Switzerland. Online submission of application can be done. Biometric information is also required. These permits are only valid for 6 months and are issued with no charges.

Documents need to prove by EEA national in UK for immigration

Only a registration certificate as a qualified person is required. It only applies if you are employed in the UK or self-sufficient person or student or a job seeker. A fee of 65 pounds needs to be paid for a form EEA (QP). No biometric information required.

Extended family of an EEA national for an automatic right of residence 

A document from the home Office is to be issued for a right, otherwise extended family members that includes durable partner of EEA national do not have automatic rights of residence.

Primary care of a British citizen or EEA child in education in UK

A derivative residence card is needed. A 65 pounds fee is charged and a DRF form is needed to be submitted. Non EEA applicants are required to submit their bio-metric information. It is required to show that the British citizen will be unable to reside in the UK if the applicants leave the UK. Evidence must be shown for a child that he/ she are unable to reside in the UK.

Spousal Visa

This Visa is for those People who do not already reside in the UK. This visa grants a right to the person to reside in the UK for 30 months after which he or she can apply for indefinite leave to remain.

These applicants cannot claim benefits and are required to pass test that will include language and life of the UK .They are allowed to study and work.

A command on English is required for the applicants to prove that they can get by in daily life. It is mandatory to show that the applicant’s marriage is genuine and can support themselves financially.

Minimum salary to earn before sponsoring spousal

Yes this visa requires a minimum of 18,600 pounds before tax earning to legally sponsor a spouse. This rises to 22,400 pounds with a child and 2400 pounds for each extra child.

The new requirement also states that the couple must also demonstrate that they meet the income requirements after 2.5 years.

Requirement for knowledge of English Language for Spousal Visa

For Non EEA migrants they are required to show that they understand and speak English. If one applies for the indefinite leave, a test based on English language is taken to check that the language requirements will suffice.

Proving English Ability

To prove your English language ability one should use approved English language test and test centers that meet home office requirements.

Visa for a person that is offered a skilled job

For a skilled job, one should apply for a Tier 2 visa and a sponsorship is required from a licensed sponsor before one can apply to come to the UK for work

Information is stated about the job and personal data in certificate of sponsorship. It may not be an actual paper of a document, but you will be given a certificate of sponsorship reference number.

The work done by the applicants must relate to the sponsor’s organization. This TIER 2 visa allows the person for a maximum of 5 years and 14 days or the time given on the certificate of sponsorship plus 1 month. You must not arrive to the UK for longer than 14 days from the start date. A 5 year extension can be granted if applied as long as the total stay is no longer than 6 years.

An approximate salary of GBP 30,000 or more must be paid per year. One must also possess required level of English and a minimum of 945 pounds of savings in the bank account for 90 days before you apply. One cannot claim the benefits in the UK.

Visa for one who got a great business idea and wants to get UK business Visa

You can apply for a Tier 1 Visa provided that you are graduates who have officially been backed stating that they have a genuine business idea. One can be endorsed by UK trade and investment or authorized UK higher education institutions.

You can also stay in in the UK for 1 Year under Tier 1 visa and can extend for more than a year. One can also be allowed to settle down permanently on this visa.

Difference between a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa and Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Visa

A major difference in the entrepreneur visa is that you can be granted to settle permanently on this visa. But on the other hand, it’s tough to meet the conditions.

The basic UK entrepreneur visa requirements is that, you can only apply to entrepreneur visa if you have an up and running business in the UK and at least 50,000 pounds of investment funds. The funds must be held in regulated financial institutions and be free to spend on businesses in the UK. One can apply if he or she is on student or a work visa in the UK.

English requirements must be met that includes a score of 95 points on PBS, age of at least 16 years. You can also form an entrepreneurial team with other tier 1 (entrepreneur) applicant and can share the investment funds. You’re also allowed to switch to this visa (entrepreneur) from a variety of different visa types. One is allowed to stay for a maximum of 3 years after switching to a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa. Your family members are allowed to accompany you on the visa and they will have to pay for their health surcharge. You cannot claim the benefits in the UK and must also require showing that the dependents can be supported in the UK.

You are allowed for 3 years and 4 months to come to the UK with Tier 1 entrepreneur visa. Applications for extension of 2 years can be made if you already exist in the category and 3 years if you’re switching. You can be granted to apply for settlement if you’ve been living in the UK for 5 years.

Visa for running a business in the UK

If you reside outside the EEA, than you can apply for Tier 1 visa and set up and run a business in UK.

Tier 1 General Visa

Tier 1 visa applies to any person who wants to switch categories from a current visa in certain categories. If this visa is held, and you have been in the UK for a minimum of 5 years, than you are applicable for settlements.

Visa if a person wants to get married in the UK

You will be required a marriage visitor visa. If one does not plan to stay and settle in the UK after marriage, they can use this visa to visit in the UK for 6 months.

A notice must be given to the register office, if the visitor intends to marry in the UK before the marriage can take place. The notice must be given in person in England and Wales where as in Scotland and Northern Ireland the notice can be sent via post.

The individuals who are coming to the UK with intention to marry must provide evidence that the arrangements are made for the marriage that includes, couple relationship, their future plans and living arrangements. The evidence will be considered by UKVI, and if they are satisfied from the evidence, the visa will then be issued. If they are not satisfied, the visa will be refused.

Visa for volunteer work

The volunteer work is allowed by the UKVI that visitors can undertake, provided volunteering is not the only and main purpose to visit. Visa will be refused if the individual is looking to come to the UK only for the volunteer work. The visa will no longer be issued for more than 30 days.

If any person wants to bring a relative to the UK to look after children, this requires a standard visit visa. The visa is granted if it is for a short stay, and the visitor can look after the children and does not amount to the relative being employed and as a child minder. The relative must be a genuine visitor and the visit should be of a short period. The visitor may be asked what they are doing, and for how long their visit is supposed to last for.


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