Procedures and Regulations for UK Visa Applicants to Australia

Certain procedures and policies exist to regulate the immigration process for any individual who wishes to come to Australia for any purpose such as work, travel, business, to settle etc. The Australian government treats nationals of different countries differently and the chances of a visa application being granted are dependent on the applicant’s country of origin. Thus, the Australian government will treat nationals of the United Kingdom in a very specific way along with evaluating other factors such as validity of purpose of visit, financial stability, and ties to the United Kingdom etc. The Australian government also has certain exemptions in place for nations of specific countries that are part of a list. Such as, any citizen of New Zealand coming to Australia will not require a visa and can enter the country without following any policy. Australia also exempts certain countries from appearing in person to apply for a visa, and gives the convenience to apply for a visa online.

Similarly, the United Kingdom also has specific laws and procedures in places for any person who wishes to come to the United Kingdom from Australia that is explained in the Immigration Rules of the United Kingdom. These rules cover different visa categories (such as a visitor visa, work visa, student visa, England investor visa, tier 1 visa UK, British entrepreneur visa, UK business visa etc.) depending on the purpose of visit to the United Kingdom.

For any individual in the United Kingdom that wishes to apply for a visa to Australia, the Australian Embassy exists to assist in immigration matters. The office of the Australian Government High Commission (which is the Australian embassy) is located in London. Any person wishing to contact the embassy through call can do so through their official telephone number which is listed as 020 7379 4334. Also, any person wishing to reach the embassy through fax can do so through their official fax number 020 7240 5333.

Similarly, the office of the United Kingdom Embassy is located in Canberra, Australia while several Consulate General offices are located throughout the country in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

If any person wishes to locate any other government offices of the Australian government in the United Kingdom, can visit the official web address regarding all queries at

Does a United Kingdom national require a visa to travel to Australia?

Yes, all applicants who are nationals of the United Kingdom will require a visa to travel to Australia. In fact, citizens of all countries except for New Zealand will require a visa to travel to Australia for any reason.

Citizens of the United Kingdom can apply for their Australian visa online. Other countries are also allowed to apply online as listed below. If a country that is not included in the list, the national of that country will be obligated to visit an Australian Visa Office that is closest to him/her to submit their visa application form in person.

The countries where applicants can submit visa application online are:

The Republic of South Korea, Portugal, Hungary, Singapore, Monaco, Croatia, Andorra, Vatican City, Lithuania, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Canada, Estonia, Greece, United States of America, Japan, Luxembourg, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom (All British Citizens), Canada, Qatar, Sweden, Bahrain, Malaysia, Sweden, Ireland, Malta, Argentina, Turkey (Any special passport holders that includes passport holders who are on a diplomatic mission or on official government service), Finland, Oman, Brunei, Slovak Republic, Spain, Hong Kong (Chinese Special Administrative Region (SAR)), Liechtenstein, San Marino, France, Bahrain, Norway, Chile, Iceland, Brazil, Hungary, Austria, Latvia, Maldives, Bahrain, Denmark and Romania.

Applicants coming from New Zealand to Australia should note that certain pre-conditions exist without which they cannot enter the country visa free.

Recent changes introduced for applicants applying from the United Kingdom for Australia

  • Any applicant wishing to go Australia on the Visitor and Medical Treatment should note that the Australian government has recently made considerable changes that should be kept in mind before the applicant commences the visa application process.
  • Any applicant from UK who wishes to enter Australia as a current visitor in the country, and wishes to go Australia for reasons that do not relate to work should note that a new visitor visa titled ‘Visitor (Subclass 600) visa’ has been introduced that they must apply on. They can also skip the visitor (Subclass 600) visa if they qualify to apply for the recently introduced Electronic Travel Authority (Subclass 601). They can opt for the eVisitor (Subclass 651) visa if they are eligible for it.
  • Other categories of visas have also been introduced by the Australian government for applicants who wishes to come to Australia for purposes of tourism, to visit any family members who are currently in Australia, and for applicants who wish to perform business activities in the country as a visitor. Note that visitors from the United Kingdom or other countries coming to Australia for business must submit proof of business activities such as enquiring about business that they are responsible for in Australia, any negotiations in Australia that are contract based, or to take part in a business conference. In addition, business visitors will not be allowed to work in Australia.

What is the procedure to apply for a visa regarding highly specialized work in Australia (short term) from the United Kingdom?

Applicants who are nationals of the United Kingdom, and who wish to visit Australia for a short period of time for highly specialized work (non-ongoing) must apply for the recently introduced Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) (Subclass 400) visa. Applicants can also apply on any other visa if it grants them permission to work in Australia for a short period of time. The Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) (Subclass 400) category type does not require a sponsorship, as instructed by the Australian government. It grants visitors permission to take part in events in any region of Australia.

For any applicant from the Unit who has been issued a visa by Australia before the date 23rd of March, 2013 which is the date when these changes were introduced, can travel on his or her visa without these conditions applying on them until it reaches it expiry.

Is there a visa application fee that needs to be paid by applicants applying from UK?

Yes, a certain visa application fee is applicable on applicants who wish to go to Australia from UK. Just as the United Kingdom charges a certain visa application fee from applicants, which also varies from visa category to category (such as for a work visa, visit for medical treatment, visitor visa, British entrepreneur visa, tier 1 visa UK, UK business visa etc.) the Australian government also charges a fee to every applicant so that their visa application can be processed. This visa application fee is dependent on the individual’s purpose of travel to Australia and varies from category to category.

After the applicant pays the specified amount, and submits his / her visa application form to any Australian Visa Office that is closest to him / her, the Australian government will carefully review the applicant’s visa application and come to a decision based on several factors. During the review process, the Australian government might call the applicant in for an interview with an Australian government official. Several questions regarding the applicant’s financial stability, validity of purpose of travel, accommodation arrangements etc. might be asked. Afterwards, when a decision has been reached regarding the applicant’s visa application, a notification will be issued informing the applicant on the decision taken.

It is essential that applicant provide the Australian government significant proof of how he / she will afford this trip or stay and also proof of ties to the United Kingdom. The proof ties to the country can be any family members, property or employment in the United Kingdom. Failure to provide any of this information can result in the Australian government denying the visa application, and the applicant entry to Australia.

Any individual who wishes to further look up the process of how to apply for a visa to Australia, from the United Kingdom can do so by referring to the official web address that the United Kingdom government has set in place


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