Procedures and Regulations for UK Visa Applicant to Canada

Procedures and Regulations for UK Visa Applicant to Canada

Certain laws and regulations exist to define procedures for individuals who wish to go to Canada from the United Kingdom for different reasons on different categories (such as to work, study, travel etc.) or to the United Kingdom from Canada for different reasons on different categories of visas (such as prospective entrepreneur visa UK, business investment visa UK, t1 visa, UK startup visa etc.) that exist. Canada has its embassies and consulate offices in the United Kingdom that all individuals can visit if they wish to go to Canada. Different policies exist depending on whether the individual applying is a national of the United Kingdom, or a foreigner who is applying for a Canadian visa from the United Kingdom.

The Canadian Government High Commission has its office located in the city of London in the United Kingdom. For any queries that individuals have, and want to clear them with the Canadian Government High Commission, can call the office on the telephone number given as 0207 258 6600.

Other than the High Commission office, consulate offices of the Canadian government are located in the cities of Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh.

For information on the visa policies of the Canadian government, applicants can visit the website that is listed as

Certain changes to the procedures in which the Canadian government operates with regards to immigration have recently been introduced. These changes, which went into effect in 2013, are listed as:

  • The Canadian government has decided to open a Visa Application Center (VAC) in the city of London in the United Kingdom. This center, known as a Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC), will be handed over a third party known as VFS Services (UK) Ltd. The visa application center is a deciding factor in the visa applications of the applicants and is only responsible for collecting relevant information regarding the visa application along with the visa application form. After all documents and the visa application form has been collected from the applicant, the only objective of the VFS is to forward it to the relevant government. Further information regarding VFS operations with regards to movement into Canada from the United Kingdom can be viewed at the web address
  • Visa application forms submitted by applicants wishing to go to Canada from the United Kingdom, and for the purpose of temporary residence in Canada, Study purposes in Canada or on a work permit must be submitted in person at a VFS office or must be submitted online. VFS will not accept any visa application form sent by the applicant through mail or a third party courier.
  • Applicants wishing to submit their visa applications to a VFS in person will need to do so between the working hours 8 A.M. – 10:30 A.M. and only on Wednesdays which does not include holidays. However, applicants should be aware of the fact that applicants who submit their visa application forms in person will face a longer time in shaving their applications processed than visa applications that are submitted online.

What is the purpose of outsourcing the submission process to a private visa application center (VFS)?

The benefit of the applicant in having submitted their visa application forms to VFS are several. The applicant can utilize and make use of the extended hours service of the Canadian High Commission. Also, the payments methods that the applicant has access to through VFS are far wide ranging than those he / she would normally have access to. Applicants, by submitting their visa application forms to VFS, possess the ability to track the processing phase of their application online. VFS also provides the convenience of making sure no document is missed before being forwarded to the Canadian High Commission. Also, VFS makes sure whether the documents being submitted are relevant to the visa application or not.

Thus, increased efficiency and assurance of your visa application being granted is an added advantage of seeing visa applications being submitted to VFS.

Are there any categories of country that are exempted from needing a visa to visit Canada?

The following list of countries does not require a visa to go to Canada:

  • Western Samoa
  • Andorra
  • Slovenia
  • Barbuda
  • Portugal
  • Malta
  • Iceland
  • Cyprus
  • Korea
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • St. Kittis and Nevis
  • Sweden
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Solomon Islands
  • Luxembourg
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Slovakia
  • Monaco
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Greece
  • Netherlands
  • Brunei
  • Singapore
  • Estonia
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • New Zealand
  • Liechtenstein
  • The Republic of Korea
  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Hungary
  • Spain
  • Bahamas
  • Barbados
  • Croatia
  • The Republic of Latvia
  • France
  • Japan

Citizens of the United States of America do not require any kind of visa to visit or transit Canada. If any individual has been admitted permanently to the United States of America and possesses an alien registration card which is commonly referred to as a ‘green card’ also see this rule apply to them. Any official evidence showing permanent residence can be presented by a United States citizen wishing to go to Canada.

Citizens of the United Kingdom (including citizens who are currently overseas) do not require any kind of visa to visit or transit in Canada. However, citizens of the United Kingdom who are currently overseas must have permission of being readmitted to the United Kingdom if they wish to travel to Canada without a visa.

Citizens who belong to a territory that is officially a British dependant territory do not require a visa to visit or transit in Canada. Citizens who derive their nationality in a British dependant territory through official registration of permanent residence in the relevant territory also do not require a visa. This also includes citizens of British dependant territories who derive nationality through birth or descent. A list of areas that are dependant territories of the United Kingdom are:

  • The British Virgin Islands
  • The Caicos Islands
  • Anguilla
  • Montserrat
  • St. Helena or the Turks
  • Bermuda
  • The Cayman Islands
  • Gibraltar
  • The Falkland Islands

If a subject of Britain who has been granted the right of abode by the United Kingdom government, he or she will not require a visa to visit or transit in Canada. This implies that the individual must possess a British Subject passport as evidence to support the fact that he or she is a British Subject.

If the HK Special Administrative Region has issued an individual a passport, he or she can visit or transit in Canada without a visa.

If an individual holds permanent residence of the Holy See or possess travel documents that have been given to him or her by the Hole See, he or she is allowed to go to Canada without a visa.

If an individual who is a permanent resident of the Taiwan, he or she can travel or transit in Canada without the requirement of any kind of visa. Individuals included in this category must remember that they must possess a valid passport that has been issued to them by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that is located in Taiwan. This must also include the individual’s personal identification number.

Citizens holding permanent residence in Israel also do not require a visa to visit or transit in Canada.

If an individual possess a biometric passport (also known as an e-passport) of Lithuania, he or she will not require a visa to visit Canada.

Individuals that have been issued a valid biometric passport by Poland also do not require a visa to visit Canada. They also do not require a visa if they fulfill the mentioned requirements and wish to transit in Canada.

Is there any kind of fee that needs to be paid if you are trying to visit Canada from the United Kingdom?

If any person wishes to go to Canada, and is applying under the legal procedure from the United Kingdom, they must remember that their visa application forms can only be submitted either on-line through the website ( or by going to submit the application in person at the Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC) being operated by VFS.

Individuals submitting through this process are applicable to a certain fee and service charges. The fee is a visa fee that is charged to process the individual’s application. As of now, one visa that is single entry costs fifty pounds, while a visa that is multiple entry costs one hundred pounds.

The visa fee being submitted by the applicant must be paid through either a bank draft or a cheque addressed in Canadian dollars. If the fee is being submitted through a postal order, it must be submitted in British pounds.

Finally, once the visa application fee has been submitted along with all the relevant procedure fulfilled, and application forwarded by VFS to the High Commission, a decision will be taken on it. A visa officer will be responsible for reviewing your visa application and deciding whether it should be granted or rejected.

Can the visa officer delay the applicant’s visa application by asking for any further information?

Yes, after the visa officer reviews your visa application and if he or she feels that further clarification is needed with regards to anything, you will be asked to fulfill it.

The visa officer can ask the applicant to take a medical examination and will send a personalized form with all the relevant instructions to take the medical examination on it.

The visa officer can also ask the applicant to submit a police certificate of him or herself along with submitting a certificate of family members of the applicant who are older than eighteen years or are eighteen years of age, and are also going to Canada.

The visa officer can also ask the applicant to come in for a personal interview, if he or she feels is necessary of the applicant. Although, applicants should know that most applications for applicants from the United Kingdom going to Canada do not require an interview.

All applicants should be careful to submit all relevant documents or any information that he or she feels is necessary in the visa application form so that it is not returned for such clarification. Applications of this nature usually require that the applicant provide significant evidence of his/her settlement status in the United Kingdom such as ties to the country of residence. Applicants should also be careful to submit information that reflects that they have significant funds available to them to make this trip to Canada, and also enough funds to come back to the United Kingdom.

How can I find more about the visa application fee that I need to submit?

Applicants should know that the visa application fee varies from category to category depending on the kind of visa they are applying for to visit Canada from the United Kingdom. Such a fee also exists for different categories (prospective entrepreneur visa UK, business investment visa UK, UK startup visa etc.) for going to the United Kingdom from Canada. To find more about the current fee required from applicants wishing to go to Canada from UK, can do so by matching their purpose for visiting with the relevant fee of that category at Further information regarding any updates on the visa application fee can be checked at the web address:


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