What is a ‘Genuine Entrepreneur Test’?

This is a scrutiny started for UK entrepreneur visa 2015 and onwards to verify the credibility of your documents and business plan by UK border agency tier 1 investor visa. An interview may or may not be conducted with the applicant later by UK border agency investor visa.

Why us?

Our accountants from UK’s recognized accountancy bodies guide about industries in demand where you should invest your tier 1 investor visa investments if you plan for British immigration by investment. Also, we help you prepare a convincing investment migration to UK plan based upon a detailed market research and analysis to support your business migration to UK.

Guaranteed success or refund

A 100% guarantee of a successful tier one visa UK cannot be provided by any firm.
However, unlike other firms, we offer a refund of your tier 1 entrepreneur fees in case of rejection of your t1 investor visa except some disbursements.
What is a Point Based System?
UK tier 1 visa requirements include a Points based System where points are awarded based on different visa requirements. Applicants need 95 points for visa.
Does 95 points grants you United Kingdom investor visa?
NO. Other subjective aspects are also taken into account by authorities.