UK setup Q and A

1. What sort of company you will register for me?

Private limited company with limited liability will be register for you.

2. What type of company name I can use?

In simple words, if the name isn't yet enrolled, you can utilize it as your company’s name.

3. I am basically foreigner, can I register a company?

Truly, you can. You can work as a director and shareholder of offshore company. Working visa is not a requirement.

4. What number of shareholders or directors are required?

For a minimum, there must be at least one shareholder and one director. They can be a single person and can be any, even overseas individual.

5. What data in the form of documents you require to enlist an offshore company for me?

Upon your demand, we will send an application form to you. You are required to fill it up, and email to us with a copy of passport and address confirmation document, so we can begin process.

6. What is the required amount of share capital? Do I have to pay to my company?

You can set any amount of share capital according to your requirement. In any case, we will use the standard share capital which is GBP 1,000 if you don't make any special request. Actual share capital payment is not required, it’s just a document that is shown up in the M & A.

7. What is the procedure and to what extent does it take?

Upon your request, we will start by sending an application form to you. You will have to fill up all the details required in the application and send us back through e-mail along with your passport and proof copies of your address. We will check your details once we get your formation instructions. After that we will bill you. You can either pay by Western Union, wire transfer or PayPal. As your payment is confirmed, we will initiate registration process with Companies House. It just takes 1 day to complete the process. Once it is completed we will send you the formation package by email as well as courier.

8. Would I be able to open an account in bank? Do I need to visit Bank Office? What is the expenditure?

Indeed, we can assist you with opening corporate accounts. Remotely, you can pick our UK EMI Account + Unique Address Package. To know more about EMI, please check our website.

9. What is your fees for setup?

All the required details can be seen at the Non-UK Resident Company Setup Packages page of our website.

10. What are the yearly expenses?

We charge just US$800 including:

  • Preparing for yearly returns and document to the Companies House.
  • Documenting Business Done Outside UK Report to Companies House and HMRC.

In addition, upon the sort of packages you decide:

  • Provision of Registered Office Address (Unique Company Address)
  • Provision of Registered Business Address (Unique Company Address)
  • Provision of Director Service Address (Unique Company Address)
  • Provision and arrangement of Corporate Secretary
  • A General UK telephone line

So, the total renewal fee will be US$800.

11. Do I need to keep the records of the account, do audits and documents to tax department?

No, medium and small company isn't required to do audits and records. Proper record holdings are NOT FOR TAX FILING PURPOSES, just for your INTERNAM MANAGEMENT PURPOSE.

12. Is there a need to pay tax if I run an offshore business?

Certainly not, for further details visit our Knowledge database.

13. What amount do you charge for filing tax at Companies House and HMRC for management accounts? Do I have to pay monthly or annually?

In simple words, it depends on the work we have to do for your company. On average we charge starting from $500 USD which includes management account filing at HMRC and Companies House.

14. What about your services regarding VAT registration?

Yes, we will do that for you if you send the details by email.

15. Would you be able to document quarterly VAT for us?

Indeed, we can keep month to month VAT records and document quarterly VAT to the HMRC for your sake. It would be ideal if you send your requests by email.

16. Are trust and nominees’ services provided by you?

Yes, if you don't mind visit our Other Professional Headings for details.

17. Can I pay deposit First?

Yes, we acknowledge half installment as first deposit and when all the arrangement has been done, you can settle remaining installments.

18. How might I pay to you? Can I use credit card?

You can pay either by PayPal, bank exchange, Western Union, whichever you like. Once we acknowledge your request, we will guide you how to make settlement or you can download form from our website under Payment Method section.

19. My passport is overseas. Do I require visa before I permit to enter UK?

Kindly have a glance at our website. The table over there has listed every country, some of which require visa beforehand to enter UK and some countries are awarded visa upon entering the UK like 180 days visa will be granted to Hong Kong citizen.

20. Let’s assume I want to stay in UK, what accommodations you can recommend to me which is near you?

If you don't mind visit the UK hotels list on our website which enables you to pick the day to check in and day to check out and the areas you need to live in. If you need to look for the area which is near us, you can Search By Keywords and get results.

21. After I land off at the UK Heaththrow airport, how can I reach you?

After landing, contact immigration officer for clearance. Then take coach that will take 20 minutes to reach our office and spend you about GBXX. Further you can also contact google maps for guidance. If you have any difficulty finding our office call us or skype us at +44----, we will provide you assistance.

22. How long will it take to UK from my home country?

Please go to and enter UK and your home country, you will see the flight time to reach the destination.

23. By chance that we can't register company for you and can't get a business permit, we will refund the entire service charges considering you had given the sufficient data to us for processing. If we can't get the account open for you, we will also refund the bank services, subject to the terms and conditions.