Planning to open a company in UK but unaware of how to start a company in UK or how to register a company name UK? You do need to go through any hassle. We offer our expert services to guide you all about how to set up ltd company in UK and how much does it cost to register a business UK. Our other professional services include the following:

Registration for Corporate

Tax England company register also entails registration for corporate tax. England is a country with strong tax laws in place. We offer to apply for your ltd UK registration corporate tax through our experts at work.

Appointment as your tax representative to deal with special issues from HMRC

When you form a company UK, you need an expert to deal with the matters of your ltd company formation UK and the ensuing tax requirements. We act as your tax representative and deal with the special issues with HM Revenue and Customs department about your reg UK ltd.

Register for PAYE as an employee

As part of the set up limited company companies house you have to register for PAYE with HMRC so you can pay tax and national insurance for you’re the employees of your England formation..We offer to apply for this registration process as part of your process of set up a new company UK.

Employment of overseas persons or local persons

We help you register company in London you seek employees. We help you find employees from overseas or locals for your formation of UK; preferably of persons which are allowed to work in UK. Our professionals are aware of how to set up a limited company UK with appropriate number of employees.

Registration of Special types of business and special licenses in UK

Starting a company UK? But still looking of ways about how to open a company in UK if it is of a special type. We offer complete guidance about how to register a limited company in UK or how to set up a corporation UK, even if it pertains to some special type. We also help you apply special licenses for doing special businesses.

Registration of a National Insurance Number

Great Britain company register requires NIN. This is a social security number used in the UK tax systems too. When forming a limited company UK it is important to register for NIN too. We offer our services to help you apply for registration of national insurance number while starting a ltd company UK.

Registration of UK VAT

When you open new company UK, you have to register for UK value added tax. We offer to help you register for UK VAT for your online company registration UK.

Quarterly filing of VAT to the HMRC; Reclaim of the additional VAT paid

As a guide to setting up a limited company, we also apply for quarterly VAT to HMRC for your setup UK and also reclaim the additional VAT paid.

Registration according to Data Protection Acts

The registration we apply for your British company register is in accordance with the Data Protection Acts.

Registration according to Money Laundering Acts

You do not have to worry about how to register a company with companies house. We register your business UK according to Money Laundering Acts.

Renewals to Companies House and Tax filings Services to HMRC

Our company formation services UK are not limited to register a business in UK, rather our best company formation service UK extends to the renewals of your tax filings in HMRC even after your business is up and running.

Corporate tax and accounts filing to HMRC

How to setup a private limited company UK is not a big problem anymore. We offer to file corporate taxes on behalf of your global company formation UK for the non-residents of UK and having no permanent establishment in the UK, and No economic activity that generates profits inside the UK.

Corporate tax and preparation of management accounts filing to HMRC

We offer complete set of services meant for HMRC and companies registration office UK for the clients residing in the UK having permanent establishment in the UK, and having economic activity that generates profits inside the UK.

Looking for physical office in UK

If you are looking for how to set up a company UK and how to secure an office space for it, register company online UK with us. Companies house register limited company. We pursue to register ltd company UK, with the procedures through which companies house incorporate a company. We start by business name registration UK and end when the new company registration UK process is complete. This also includes looking up for a physical office space for you.

UK legal documents

How to create a limited company UK? We also offer to prepare business contracts, employment contracts and other legal documents needed for setting up a company UK. open ltd company in UK online. Company registration United Kingdom requires many legal formalities. Companies house set up a new company. We offer to help you set up new company companies house.

Full set of formation documents

How to set up a company in London? We offer to help you through annual filings documents and tax filings documents needed for company registration UK

Consulates Certification of official documents

How to establish a company in UK? Certification is issued from UK governments offices while you are founding a company in UK. We help you register a business name UK after achieving consulates certification of your documents.

Trademark registrations

How to open a company in London? We offer our services for the trademark registrations with trade register UK.

Corporate Secretarial Services

Our best company formation UK services include complete corporate secretarial services like:

  • Change of company name of your ltd formation UK
  • Change of directors/shareholders in your formation of Great Britain
  • Change of address from when you register a company name UK
  • Issue of new shares while starting a limited company UK or for a previously register ltd UK
  • Nominees arrangements including nominees’ directors and nominees shareholders