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Procedure of company formation in Hong Kong

As we know that, there are increasing numbers of companies in Hong Kong who look towards company formation within a major commercial district in Hong Kong. So let us take a look in below paragraph which involved in company formation in Hong Kong. You have to implement the business operations which require not being a clumsy process as well as companies stay act pro-actively and well informed. If you are planning to commenced company in Hong Kong then there are two things which you should stay in mind. Firstly, the economy of Hong Kong is fast-growing and serves an important gateway. Secondly, economies of Hong Kong are arranged to support business development. As Hong Kong continues to expand, businesses strategically which are aligned to take benefits of that growth will grow promptly.


Naturally, the first process in company formation which involves making a decision as per the form of business you are planning to set up. The best common form of company formation Hong Kong is that it should be a limited company. A limited company provides some benefits in the form of adjustments, concerning especially to business and income tax. If you have an existing company outside the Hong Kong, You may choose for the branch office option.
So as to register the branch office, organizations should register with the Companies Registry under the ‘Enrolled Non-Hong Kong Company’ classification. This kind of business structure is not perceived as free from its parent endeavor. A more confined sort of organization is likewise accessible as the delegate’s office. These organizations are not permitted to make any sort of transactions, and all things considered, are typically set up with a specific end goal to direct investigation and market research, before the execution of business operations.


When you have chosen the sort of organization structure to be set up, you can start the consolidation procedure. Hong Kong controls specify that any organization hoping to register inside the city should send a scope of documentation, ideally for all intents and purposes, through the Companies Registry’s e-Registry stage. The paperwork required include an Incorporation an organization’s Articles of Association (AOAs), and Business Registration Office Notice All paperwork must be sent alongside the important expenses. Handling times for fuse applications can extend anyplace between 30 minutes to two working days.


Once you have received the certifications of company formation in Hong Kong from the company registry, now the next procedure is to open a bank account. Banks will need the relevant formation documents and certificate, and you may even require submitting all the records. Companies will also have to provide proof of identity and residence, in agreement with Hong Kong’s anti-money laundering systems. When your bank account has been opened, companies are free to start searching across the city.

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Company Registration Hong Kong

Expand Your Company Registration Under Hong Kong Jurisdiction


Forming offshore companies under any jurisdiction takes into consideration a lot of factors. We are here to help you register offshore companies under a variety of offshore jurisdiction. The choice is yours. But if you ask us, we would recommend company registration in Hong Kong.

Offshore Company

First, we should have a rough idea what an offshore company is. In simple terms, an offshore company is one which is registered in a country other than in which you live. The companies registered in your home country are known as Local Companies. So why register as an offshore company? The following are the reasons –

  • Enjoyment of Low Tax or Free Tax Business.
  • Protection of Privacy.
  • Allowance to engage in special kinds of businesses.
  • Expansion of business outside the purview of your home country.

Local businesses can also be run with offshore registration but with some limitations in some cases. Basically having an offshore registration adds an extra advantage to the company.

offshore incorporations hk limited

Offshore Jurisdiction

Offshore jurisdictions are actually the countries which allow the registration of offshore companies like company registration in Hong Kong.

Of the various offshore jurisdictions we help offshore companies register under we suggest company registration in Hong Kong.

Why Hong Kong?

Before we dive into this, we should consider a few factors while choosing an offshore jurisdiction. The factors to be considered as follows –

  • Tax consideration
  • Protection of Privacy
  • Bank Opening
  • Trust arrangement
  • Legal and political systems of the jurisdiction
  • Fee structure
  • Processing time
  • Simplification Process
  • The reputation of the jurisdiction.

As already mentioned, we recommend, company registration in Hong Kong or company formation in Hong Kong. Let us look into the reason from every point as mentioned above –

  • Hong Kong is using a territorial tax system, which means only businesses done in Hong Kong are taxable. The businesses carried out outside Hong Kong are legally tax free!
  • The privacy law doesn’t allow companies to give out client details without the permission of the clients, which is otherwise chargeable under the criminal law.
  • Being an important financial centre, it is easy for companies registered under Hong Kong jurisdiction to open banks anywhere in the world.
  • Under the trust arrangement, for business reasons, we can provide nominees directorship and nominees shareholder through trust law of Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong uses the UK legal systems, though it is a part of China.
  • The fee for company startup is comparatively low than other jurisdictions.
  • With the help of Online Registration System, company registration can be processed in hours avoiding a lot of unnecessary delay. Only an online passport copy has to be submitted and the registration will be complete in a few hours.
  • As Hong Kong is an international well-known financial centre, it is easy to get contracts order if use Hong Kong company to sign contracts.

So after considering all these points, company registration in Hong Kong is highly recommended if you are looking to register under an offshore jurisdiction.

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