Planning a UK business immigration? 

How to invest in government bonds, listed shares, etc in UK? 

Follow these simple procedure to apply for UK investor visa 2000000, 500000 for innovator visa UK,  or alternative amounts for Start up visa .

  • Submit our internal assessment application form to us. 
  • We offer free assessment over Skype, whatsapp or emails based upon business start-up, innovator or investor visa.
  • Sign up engagement letter.
  • Invoice for the consulting services will bill to you.
  • Upon receipt of the service payment, further process will be carried including:
  • Assisting clients to open their bank account and transfer investment funds in it according to UK investor visa requirements. 
  • Assisting and advising how to take and obtain IELTS score (English test Report), TB clearance and criminal record for each type of visa application requirement.
  • We will review the application form, prepare for detailed business plan, analyze the supporting documents, prepare for how to answer the questions in case an interview is required before or during for visa application, and find for the approved body in your industry and coordinating to them and assisting to get endorsed by an "Your same field" approved body the business idea or plan,  and assist in visa application.
  • Clients then submit business visa UK application in Home Office