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Starting a Business in Hong Kong

When starting a business in Hong Kong, you will need a certificate of incorporation in Hong Kong which is a certificate issued by the Hong Kong Companies Registry once the business application has been approved as a limited liability company. The certificate is of a standard design that is written in both English and Chinese.  Trademark registry in Hong Kong is done through the method and a certificate is also usually issued for this once approved, as is the case for all Hong Kong companies.


If you have not done set up a business abroad before and are thinking about doing so, it is recommended that for starting a company in Hong Kong you use a Hong Kong company set up service to help with the Hong Kong Limited company registration, trade mark registration in Hong Kong, obtaining your business registration certificate in Hong Kong and much more besides.  Business Hong Kong registration fees are set by the local government but you will also have extra fees from the formation service company which are well worth paying for your own peace of mind and to allow you to focus on the business model rather than the setting up legalities.


There are so many Hong Kong company formation services to choose from and it is well worth doing your research first to find the right one for you.  it is would not be a good idea to choose one company because it is the cheapest as this could land you in some troubles further down the line and end up actually costing you more.  Here at Stephen MS Lai & Co CPA Ltd we have been assisting with company formation in Hong Kong for many many years and our prices may not be the cheapest but they are still very competitive.


Starting a Business in Hong Kong



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