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Set up a Hong Kong Company Incorporation

Many entrepreneurs choose to set up a Hong Kong company incorporation so that they can enter into an international market.  Hong Kong is well known for being an easy place for setting up a Hong Kong company formation with its absence of foreign exchange controls, political and economic stability. A Hong Kong Company may have an English name, a Chinese name or an English and Chinese name. Foreigners who proceed with a company set up in Hong Kong can easily relocate if they wish to by applying for the appropriate visa. Applying for an Investment Visa is very similar to applying for an Employment Visa under the General Employability Policy, except that this visa is meant specifically for company owners.

Before setting up a company incorporation in Hong Kong it’s important to know that HK boasts one of the lowest corporation taxes in the world at 16.5%.  Another advantage of setting up a company incorporation in Hong Kong is its principles of free trade and a free market that is open to all. Furthermore, once your business registration in Hong Kong is complete you can benefit from accessing the Mainland China Market too.

There are many reasons for going ahead with a Hong Kong company formation, one being that it has a highly trained and skilled workforce.  Many individuals who proceed with their company formation in Hong Kong decide to relocate and find a modern and very westernized city with one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

If you are interested in a hk company formation, we at Stephen MS Lai & Co CPA Ltd can help.  To learn more about it and how to start with your company registration in Hong Kong we can also help. A hk company registration is simple when you have help from those that know how.


HK Company Formation


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