How to Start a Company in Hong Kong?

We can understand that starting a business in Hong Kong as an expat involves a lot of worries. online business registration Hong Kong is made easier by us so need not search anymore about how to open a business in Hong Kong?

How to Start a Company in Hong Kong?

For a startup business Hong Kong, the process is mentioned below:

  • We register a Hong Kong company first, get company registration number, and full set of formation documents for company secretary Hong Kong.
  • Then we apply online in banks to open your account and submit all the documents to the bank online, including full set of Hong Kong company formation documents, and professional letters.
  • Bank manager then reviews your file and may or may not ask for additional documents. Once documents are approved, the process of bank account for Hong Kong incorporation starts.
  • Within 1 week, in case of the approved documents, you will be asked to come to Hong Kong to sign the bank documents.
  • Within next 1-2 weeks the process is completed and you receive your account number.
  • In some cases clients get accounts number within days (The exact time do depends upon the nationality of the client, adequacy of requested documents and the type of business being performed)
  • Once the bank account is opened, they will send the token, and pin to you direct.

How to Incorporate in Hong Kong

How to incorporate a company in Hong Kong depends upon your documents and type of application.

  • Online starting a company in Hong Kong requires a form to be filled and emailed by you attaching your passport copy and address proof copy. We start an online registration process. It only take one to two days.
  • For Shelf Company, HK company registration services takes 2-3 working days. HK Company Registry has online registration process for Hong Kong company establishment. For Shelf Company, we need to send the changed documents to you to sign. You sign and return them. It takes 2 days to process when we receive the documents back.

Hence, Shelf Company takes longer time than starting a new company, but if you prefer we can provide you the shelf list.