1. How to register a private limited company in Hong Kong?

If you are looking for how to open a company in HK. We offer offshore company registration in Hong Kong as a private company with limited liability (IBC).

2. What name can I use for a company setup in Hong Kong?

Any name yet unused for the business registration Hong Kong can be used.

3. Guide me about opening a business in Hong Kong as a foreigner?

While starting a business in Hong Kong as a foreign citizen, you can setup offshore company in Hong Kong and be the shareholder and director of your offshore incorporations HK ltd.

4. How many directors or shareholders are required to create a company in Hong Kong?

starting a small business in Hong Kong requires at least one director and shareholder. The legal director as well as legal shareholder can be appointed as the same official of the Company, and he or she can hold passport outside Hong Kong.

5. What documents and information are required to register offshore company in Hong Kong?

Just go to Order Forms Section; download and fill the form for company formation services in Hongkong. It covers all the details required for Hong Kong offshore company setup.

6. how much to register a company in Hong Kong? How much share capital Hong Kong company setup cost? Do I need to pay capital to my newly formed offshore private company?

Hong Kong company formation cost is mentioned in detail under relevant headings on our website. We use the standard share capital. It is only a prerequisite for signing the document called M & A. Actual payment is not required.

7. How to establish a company in Hong Kong? How long is the procedure?

  • Download the HK company registration form from Order Forms Section.
  • Fill and email us back with your Passport copy. We undergo the online starting a company in Hong Kong process. 
  • To incorporate HK company, it only takes 1-2 days. We send back the formation package to you by courier.

8. Can I open a bank account? Do I have to visit Bank Office while setting up sole proprietorship in Hong Kong? What is the fee?

Yes, for company formation HK, we can help you to open bank accounts. For details, please visit Offshore Bank Account Section.

9. How much you charge for startup company Hong Kong?

Please see the fee schedule for details about Hong Kong business registration fees with us.

10. What is the annual fees for Hong Kong company incorporation service?

We charge only US$800. This includes:

1) Preparation of annual returns (AR) and submission of that filings to the Companies Registry of Hong Kong

2) Collecting the business registration certificate

AND a Year-long service of:

Free mail forwarding

Appointment of corporate secretary and local agency

Registered office and business address

Free public telephone line

Free public fax line

The total renewal fee will be only US$800.

11. Do I require to keep account records, do audits, and pay tax for company incorporation HK?

No, offshore incorporations HK are not required to keep proper records.

12. How much do you charge for accounts, audits and filing tax for a Hong Kong open company?

Our charges for company incorporation Hong Kong are proportionate to the workload we share for your business. Our charges start from US$500 for annual accounting, auditing, and tax filing.

13. Do you form other offshore company incorporation?

Yes, we are expert in offshore incorporations HK ltd. Please visit other sections of our website.

14. Do you open offshore bank account for other foreign company registration in Hong Kong?

Yes, for all jurisdictions.

15. Do you provide trust or nominees services in Hong Kong business formation?

Yes, please visit First page for details.

16. Can I pay deposit first? how to register a private limited company in Hong Kong?

Yes, we accept 50% payment in advance to open company in HK and settle the outstanding payments after our providing you complete Hong Kong company formation services.

17. how to register a limited company in Hong Kong? What mode of payment do you accept?

You can pay either by:

Bank transfer



Western union

Money gram

Credit card

Or download our form from Order Forms Section under Payment Methods

18. If I am opening a business in Hong Kong as a foreign. Do I need visa to enter Hong Kong?

Please see below website for visa information: Hong Kong Immigration Department


19. If I want to stay in Hong Kong, what hotels are recommended near you?

Please visit the Hong Kong hotel below for hotel bookings and information


To search hotels near us, please search for Sheung Wan on search engine.

20.  What transportation do I use from airport to your office?

Once out of the immigration requirements at airport, follow the signboards to lead you out towards the transport you prefer to use.

You can choose taxi which takes 45 minutes to come to our office and costs you about US$30. Give the following address to the taxi driver:

"上環文咸東街65-67號喜利商業大廈15字樓A室" or 永樂街89號"

Or search the Google map for: https://www.google.com.HK/maps/@22.286107,114.151861,3a,75y,202.8h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sBbkkLkDhRb86lV8PVFKc0A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

You can use subway (MTR). Please go out at Sheung Wan station, and go to A2 Exit. Out of the exit, on your right hand side, you can see the 7 Eleven Convenient Shop (look at the above Google Map). We are in that building.

If you cannot find us, please contact us at 852-27858778, or skype at stephenmslai1970. We will come in person to bring you to our office and guide you completely about how to register a business in Hong Kong.

21. How long is the flight between Hong Kong and my home country?

Please visit www.travelmath.com to find out the flight time from your home country.

22. If we are unable to process the company registration Hong Kong for you, we will refund your money provided all the required information you had given us was complete and correct.

If we cannot get the bank account open for you, we will refund the bank services fee back to you provided you had provided all the essential documents and information bankers asked for.