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Reduce Tax and Increase Profit by Your Own Hong Kong Company

If you are a businessman, I am sure you do not like to lose money. The money you pay as the tax is a huge amount and there is a way to save this. If you have your own Hong Kong Company, you can save big on the tax. How does one go about owning a Hong Kong Company?

Simple, use the services of the local firms for the Hong Kong Company Incorporation. They take care of every detail from the submission of the application form to the payment of the fees and appointment of the Corporate Secretary for your business. These firms that provide the services are groups of chartered accountants with a valid business established in Hong Kong. They have a team of lawyers who back them up and look after the legal aspects of the company formation process.

Hong Kong company registration

Since they have experience in the field of company formation and have helped many other businessmen establish their own Hong Kong Company, you can trust them to do the proper thing for you as well. You have to give the money for the fees and this will work out to about $1700 in all. The service fee for the provider is $99. For this amount, you get the basic package. They register the company for you and give you the certificate of incorporation along with the business certificate. This allows you to begin your Hong Kong operations.

So, how much do you save through the Hong Kong company? Every businessman knows how much tax they pay to the government of their country for establishing and running the business in their country. By doing the Hong Kong Company Incorporation they need not pay tax on the profit their business makes in another country. This is why many businesses are now shifting to Hong Kong.


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