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Hong Kong Business Registry

When you open a company in Hong Kong you must apply for registration.  The Inland revenue department in Hong Kong was set up to provide a service for Hong Kong business registry and to enable a Hong Kong incorporation to comply with their legal obligations and facilitate members of the general public to obtain information on doing business in Hong Kong.

Business registration requires everyone who carries a Hong Kong incorporation to apply for registration within one month.  If any particulars of your offshore company incorporation change, then you are obliged to inform them for their records.  The inland Revenue Hong Kong department records your offshore company registration in Hong Kong for the public to obtain.

To ensure that you do not get any penalties, it would be a good idea to find reliable company with reliable company secretarial services in Hong Kong.  A company secretary in Hong Kong will be there for your annual tax filings etc.  There are many Hong Kong company registration services, but choosing the right one is vital.


Hong Kong Business Registry


Apart from daily operation, companies still have to handle the day to day business directly or indirectly related to operation. In order to spare more time for management to focus on business a company with secretarial services provides various services, not only including audit, accounting and taxation consultation, but could also provide all-round corporate secretarial service services fitting to individual company development needs.

It is the law in Hong Kong for all limited incorporated business to appoint a company secretary to process all legal matters but is also a relief and helps with any further worries regarding to unknown laws in a country that might be unfamiliar to you. Most secretarial services are committed to reducing worries and doubts incurred by clients when facing the laws, and assessing whether their corporate strategy is in compliance with relevant laws.


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