Hong Kong EMI BANK as your offshore jurisdiction operation

30 Sep

Hong Kong Government has executed New Policies in the Banking industry that banks services will classify into two types; (I) Traditional Banks holding bank license which provides bank services to the local customers having established branch in Hong Kong and (II) EMI banks (called EMI, Electronic Money Institution) holding up EMI license which can provide Bank services to clients online and international basis. EMI concept comes from the fact that as Hong Kong is an international city and a hub between China, Hong Kong and Global worlds. More clients register a Hong Kong company and open bank accounts for international businesses, they will not have office in Hong Kong, nor employ any staff in Hong Kong. Traditional banks like HSBC, Bank of China, etc,  who provide local bank services to local companies and people, and their licenses are all issued and governed by H K Monetary Authority. All traditional banks like HSBC, Bank of China also have to apply for EMI (Electronic Money Institution) licenses so that they can still provide online banking services to global and international clients. As it is a new line of banking service, it has only few EMI(S) in Hong Kong who can be granted EMI licenses by Hong Kong Government, which provide Semi-Bank services to international clients online and international basis.

EMI (called EMI, Electronic Money Institution) Regulated also by Hong Kong Government who supervises the conduct all the banks in HK including HSBC that provide bank services and financial products and services to both HK and international customers.

We can arrange for you to open e-banking (called EMI, Electronic Money Institution) Bank or Borderless Bank accounts in HK. It takes within 1 week by remote we can get opened for you. The e-banking Bank account will have USD, EUR, and GBP currencies, and have a powerful internet banking facilities, so you can do e-bank enquiries like check balancies, and
do wire transfer money (Receipts and Payments) between in and outside HK, and over the whole world. Note Wire in and Wire out are NO LIMIT.
EMI do accept only Hong Kong company.

You will have
Bank details like HSBC below:

Our Banker: XXX

Beneficiary Bank Code: XXX
Our Banker’s address: XXX
Accounts Name: XXX Limited
Accounts Number: XXX
Swift Code: XXXHK

It is an absolute bank in HK (but called Electronic Money Institution), having Money Service license issued by HK government, and do normal bank business like HSBC.
The difference is that they cannot provide branch banks services to local residents in HK, instead all banking services can be provided by online platform.

The bank account do accept clients from consulting and trading businesses. After the account is opened, we can arrange the EMI to issue company debit card or credit card depending upon the type of EMI you open. Everything can be done by remote.

As we refer you to the bank, there is no need much initial deposit (Around USD1500 is sufficient).

Note if you use Hong Kong to open bank account in HK, it is still tax free in HK. So at final you are by law not required to pay any tax there. Note at the present law, EMI is not required to share client information to the tax authority.

Why Company setup in Hong Kong; And E-Banking Solution in HK ?
The reason is that Hong Kong is Asia No. 1 Financial Centre. It is legal tax free to use Hong Kong company to engage offshore operations, and if so it is legal tax free..

We can arrange for you at Currenxie EMI in HK

Currenxie provides SMEs and corporates with a leading position in online money processing platform. Having business and personal service in mind, and competitive rates of charges and with access to a powerful online platform. Currenxie Limited is registered and licensed as a Money Service Operator (MSP) with Hong Kong Customs and Excise Number 14-05-01424. Currenxie SA Pty Limited is registered and licensed as a Financial Service Provider with the Financial Services Board (South Africa) Number 48691. Currenxie has an office in Australia which is Currenxie Australia Pty Ltd which is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Australian Business Number (ABN) is 15 621 566 309. Currenxie has an office in UK which is Currenxie UK Limited which is registered as a Small Payment Institution (SPI) with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registration number 798201.

How do you keep your money safe ?

EMI service companies are an authorised Electronic Money Institution independently regulated by the H K Monetary Authority (HKMA). This means they're required by law to keep your money safe by storing it in a low-risk financial institution - in Hong Kong, one of the TOP bank in Hong Kong as by law required by H K Monetary Authority (HKMA). These accounts are reserved and separated for customer money, this means your money is kept in a separate account from the money they use to run the business.

In the unlikely event EMI would cease to exist, your money would be paid back from this account, ie from the appointed Top bank in Hong Kong.

Features: Multi-currency current accounts: Hold balances in 11 currencies: Make international transfers in 18 currencies: UNIQUE BANK ACCOUNT NUMBERS

If you do proceed, please contact us for details.

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