Global Companies Setup

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Anguilla Company Setup

Anguilla is the country situated in the Caribbean region

Belize Company Setup

Belize is the country situated on the Caribbean seaboard of Central America

BVI Company Setup

Eastern side of Caribbean has the English-speaking dependent territory of the United Kingdom

Cayman Company Setup

Three islands that lie together between Central America and Cuba when grouped together

Delaware Company Setup

United States of America is not kind of tax heaven but there is the provision in the legislation as per which LLCs or Limited Liability Companies are allowed to be incorporated and in some special and rightful circumstances

Marshall Company Setup

A group of islands situated between Hawaii and Indonesia in the south of Pacific are globally known as Marshall Islands

Mauritius Company Setup

Mauritius Island a center of different cultures, is a peaceful land where the people living belongs to diverse cultures

Nevis Company Setup

Island of Nevis is the 93 square kilometres island located in the Eastern Caribbean

New Zealand Company Setup

A country situated in South Pacific Ocean with two large islands and several small ones is globally known as New Zealand. New Zealand was granted autonomous status in 1947 and has a relatively progressive economy which depends largely on the banking and finance

Panama Company Setup

A country situated at the American Continent centre with Costa Rica at its north and Colombia to its south is globally known as Republic of Panama

Samoa Company Setup

Samoa is located at the 13 degree south and 172 degree on west at the latitude and consists of two large islands and seven small islands

Seychelles Company Setup

Seychelles comprises of several small islands and located in the Indian Ocean

UAE/RAK Company Setup

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is one of seven stated of United Arab Emirates and is located in the eastern side of Arabian Gulf. Ras Al Khaimah makes about 3% of total area of United Arab Emirates

UK Company Setup

England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are collectively known as United Kingdom

Why setting up offshore company for your offshore business ?

Almost every jurisdiction fails to provide a definition of an “offshore company”