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Essential Requirements for Company Registration-Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the ideal business choice for entrepreneurs who wish to have an access to the Mainland China and Asian market. Hong Kong is an exceptionally powerful city and an increasingly imperative business center and financial hub that have extended impressively in recent years. Hong Kong is a universally prestigious business area and is advancing towards competing with other imperative cities, similar to London or New York. Hong Kong is very dynamic cities that provide many benefits to the foreign investors which help to encourage them to start a company here.

Private Limited Liability Company is the most common type of business entity registered in Hong Kong. It is a separate legal entity, Limited liability are the owners of the company, have a strong public perception and a persisting structure raising capital and transfer of ownership is simpler when contrasted with different business structures such as sole proprietorship and partnership. Foreign business professionals often refer to this type of entity as an offshore company in Hong Kong.

HK Company Registration Considerations for Foreigners:

If the Foreigners are wishing to register an offshore limited liability company in Hong Kong, must take into consideration the following points:

  • Foreigners must appoint the sole directors and shareholders of a Hong Kong company and the director and shareholder act as same. There are no local resident requirements.
  • Although there is no need to be present physically at the time of HK company registration, can be present physically at the time of bank account opening, depending on the bank chosen.
  • If the foreigners do not plan to relocate to Hong Kong then they are free to operate their company from overseas.

Documents Required:-

Foreign entities must connect the professional services firm for HK Company registration. The following documents are normally required for the registration of a Hong Kong subsidiary:

  • A duly signed and finished incorporation structure
  • Articles of Association (AOA) for the subsidiary
  • Documents for company officers: For Hong Kong residents: Copy of identity card,

For non-residents- Copy of passport and latest overseas residential address proof of both directors and shareholder,

  • Documents required for parent company: one copy of registration documents such as Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation.

Registration Procedure and Timeline

The HK company registration procedure entails two steps:

  • Approval of company name
  • HK Company Registration

An effective and successful application is normally prepared within 4-7 working days and the Companies Registry will issue a Certificate of Incorporation. If you want to establish a company in Hong Kong, then our experts can help you to get started. Please contact our HK company registration experts. For more information visit our website


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