Slovenian Passport

Stephen M.S.Lai and Co CPA can help you legitimately get a Slovenian visa, an identity document which is an EU identification gave to residents of the Republic of Slovenia to travel abroad. We give quick, high-caliber and legitimate administrations to all residents of China, India, Japan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Belarus. Try not to burn through your time in long lines at the Consulate. We will assist you with procuring Slovenian citizenship and a Slovenian visa with no dangers or issues!

A Slovenian identification enables you to live lawfully in Europe, maintain your own business and concentrate at any college in Europe, just as in the USA, Australia, Canada, and different nations. A Slovenian visa gives all rights and chances of EU inhabitants.

Furthermore, an identification of the Republic of Slovenia gives the privilege to participate in the political life of the country, for example, vote in Parliamentary and Presidential decisions and choices.

When traveling within the country and the EU, Slovenians can likewise utilize their ID card, in any case, as in some other nation, the identification is the principle instrument after getting citizenship. The ID card gives the privilege to gain a Slovenian visa.

Slovenia is constantly open for individuals with potential.

Numerous financial specialists are likewise pulled in to businesses, for example, vehicle producing, metalworking, power age, administrations, IT, and so forth.

Decide to live and work in Slovenia with PASSPORTS and give a glad future to you and your family!

Secure citizenship

Stephen M.S.Lai and Co CPA offers the entire scope of warning administrations to assist you with securing citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia.

On the off chance that you have chosen to acquire Slovenian citizenship and need to do it as fast as would be prudent and at the best value, at that point you have to give the following documents:

1) Internal identification (duplicates of pages 1, 2 and enlistment);

2) Foreign identification (first page);

3) Birth certificate (of the candidate);

4) Birth certificate of guardians (if accessible);

5) Autobiography;

6) Photo 3.5×4.5;

7) Taxpayer ID number;


8) Driver's permit.

We help to recover every lost document by making inquiries to registry authorities and other state foundations. Our certified specialists will give you a free discussion and assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from difficult and tedious document processing.

Generally the way toward reestablishing citizenship "by right of blood" takes around eighteen months. Stephen M.S.Lai & Co CPA legal counselors will assist you with securing Slovenian citizenship under a quickened program. The system for gaining Slovenian citizenship will just take 6-8 months, which will essentially spare your time.