European Citizenship

Stephen M.S.Lai and Co CPA will assist you with satisfying your fantasy by gathering and handling your documents. You won't have to hold up in long lines and to withstand bureaucratic gaps. We ensure speed, legitimateness, and an outcome.

Transform your life and that of your family

•     Live and work anyplace in the EU

•     Establish a business anyplace in Europe

•     Dual Citizenship

•     Travel to 180 nations without visa

•     Study on grant or at financed rates

•     Quality social advantages

What are the best alternatives to get a European Passport? 

There are a few choices crosswise over Europe that enable you to get European citizenship and lasting citizenship, including those offered by Cyprus, Greece, and Malta; notwithstanding, the majority of these expect you to purchase property or make huge investment in these countries. Over this, there are a few different necessities you have to satisfy so as to fit the bill to reside permanently, including standby for a long time and pass through a language test.

So on the off chance that you would prefer not to begin learning Greek, we highly suggest Slovenia as the demands are much easier. You can get your EU perpetual residency, Citizenship, and Passport in less than three months without the need to take a tough language test, purchase property, or make expensive investments.