To Apply for Slovenian Passport

Preparing method 

To apply for Slovenian Residency and Passport:

1. Please chat to us, and talk with our consultants, and understand what is the Investment of Heritage. After that if you do proceed further,  fill in the assessment form which our organization's administrators will send to you upon your requests;

2. Full examination and assessment of the reports which are the essential for applying for Slovenian citizenship will be carried out (your archives will be checked by our specialists for nothing out of your pocket money);

3. Contract Stage - We will prepare for a service agreement. Read and sign the agreement for the arrangement of administrations works (Contract);

4. Prepare for Power of Attorney ans sign back to us so that our legal lawyer who can represent for you to government immigration office to deal with your case;

5. After 7 months, get the reports affirming your Slovenian citizenship.

Towards the end of the methodology for reestablishing Slovenian citizenship, the Consulate will give official Passport legitimate for a long time (10 years), which may, whenever, be re-applied upon expiration of 10 years, exchanged in case like change of name, etc or reissued whenever due to lost, or damages.

The legal law for obtaining Slovenian citizenship depends on the Slovenian citizenship law of Jus sanguinis (investment of heritage and right of blood), which enables all overseas investors to get the privilege to citizenship by means of a supported legal documents, and legal evidences, paying little respect to their place of birth. For this situation, you don't need to know the Slovenian language, you simply need to have fundamental information on the historical backdrop of the express, its way of life, and conventions.