The Procedure for Obtaining EU Citizenship

The Procedure for Obtaining EU Citizenship - Counsel with our Legal group

1. Fill in the Application Form

Subsequent to counseling with our legitimate group, you will be sent an application structure. Subsequent to presenting the application you will be educated inside 5 working days if your application is successful. If fruitful you can begin the procedure to turn into a European resident.

The demonstrated reputation of effective cases

Stephen M.S.Lai & Co CPA will present your application form to the relative specialists. Our company's exceptionally qualified experts have not just verified EU citizenship for countless customers, we have likewise settled trust among government agencies accountable for supporting naturalization techniques. You can depend on us to make your fantasy a reality

2.Planning of reports and submitting to Government 

Our legitimate group will gather every one of the reports, sign a Power of attorney with you, legally approve and interpret your submitted archives and summit to Government experts for your benefit.  Legitimate techniques adapt to your needs.  We guarantee you that the procedures we experience are 100% authentic and in consistence with neighborhood laws. We likewise hold fast to the methodology that every customer is a one of a kind individual with explicit needs – something we remember during the application procedure.

3.Testament of European status and get Date of Ceremony 

 After around one month you will get the " Certificate of status for application for an EU citizenship status plot (Vloga za potrdilo o statusu za sistem državljanstva EU). This record will at that point be utilized to apply for your Citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia. You will at that point get your DATE OF CEREMONY that will be held in the branch of home undertakings in the capital Ljubljana.

Grant of citizenship in only 3 months possibly

Stephen M.S.Lai & Co CPA comprise of profoundly qualified legal advisors who know about the nationality laws of the European Union. This sets us in a place to give you and your family a confidence that you will acquire your EU citizenship in 3 months relying upon the plan you pick.

4.The assortment of your European Passport 

You will at that point travel to Ljubljana and meet with the legitimate group, have a short course at the college of some fundamental language. At that point after a quick meeting and function, go deliver the documents at the Government window. A couple of days after the fact you can get your European ID card and Passport and that of your mate and youngsters on the off chance that you applied for them.

Key Features

Individual participation when submitting documents 

You will be available when submitting records to the Immigration Office. Truly, it is an incredible feeling to get your new visa and ID card straightforwardly from the administration and have everybody praise you on your new European citizenship.

European Passport in 3 Months

In case of permanent residency, you and your family will gain full access to benefits stood to EU residents, including access to medicinal services benefits, sponsored school trainings and grants, and property possession in any Europe.

Entry to 180 countries for free

As an EU national, you will likewise be permitted to live, work, and concentrate as a legal resident in all European countries.

Double citizenship 

Most nations in the European Union permit dual citizenship which implies you don't need to leave your past citizenship and binds you to have to your introduction to your birth country, behind. Spot trust in the way that with an extra visa from the EU, you can appreciate the best of the two worlds.


Safe and Secure 

In the midst of vulnerability, acquiring a subsequent visa can furnish you with the security you need. Holding an EU visa implies that you will have the option to verify consular help and insurance from a department of any EU part state. Have confidence that as EU residents, your family's security, rights, and common freedoms are ensured during political distress, changes, or psychological militant assaults

Benefits stood to EU residents

In case of permanent residency, just as ensured civil rights and freedoms, you and your family will increase full access to benefits stood to EU residents, including access to medicinal services benefits, financed school instruction and grants, and property proprietorship in any EU nation. Acquiring EU citizenship implies putting resources into things that issue.

Without visa passage to 180 nations 

While a great many people are subject to restrictive visa necessities, having an EU identification will give you the benefit of venturing out to most destinations around the globe without the need to bear costly and troublesome visa applications. As an EU national, you will likewise be permitted to live, work, and concentrate as a lawful inhabitant in every single European nation in the Schengen region, enabling you to remain in your fantasy city without a home grant, go on a spontaneous family trip, or travel for a  business tour