Preferences of Slovenian Passport


Get the privilege to work and remain for unlimited time in any EU nations, as Slovenia has been an EU part since 2004 and is in the Schengen zone.


In the event that you become a Slovenian resident, you can maintain your very own business in Europe and the EU member countries as well as in Schengen Zone

Considering IN EUROPE

-Study and get a degree at any European college or send your kids to first class educations in Europe that offers free education

-Government managed life and retirement savings systems

-Qualified for different social advantages and benefits: health protection, government managed retirement savings, credit or loans, etc

-Double CITIZENSHIP -Slovenian enactment takes into account double citizenship

-Qualified for obligatory medicinal protection, full free of medical hospital, etc


As of January 2019, Slovenian residents can access to 180 nations and regions, positioning the Slovenian identification eleventh generally as far as movement opportunity.


European Union enables you to work lawfully in 28 nations with no extraordinary licenses or permit.


Access to banking, credit and subsidizing in European banks.

The Procedure for Obtaining EU Citizenship


Simply chat to us on how to handling EU citizenship.


After you have agreed with us  we will prepare detailed engagement letter and agreement, a Power of Attorney, and send to us required documents, in which we will start to process the applications so as to obtaining EU citizenship for you and your family.


After that all legal documents, and evidence will submit to government immigration office. An acknowledgement letter with consent will be received from the Government Immigration Office. Our immigration lawyer will answer all enquiries arising from Government Immigration Official, and represent for you to deal with all issues which may come out during the application process. 


An appointment letter will be issued with date and time applicant has to go to Slovenia Immigration office to take oath, take fingerprint and take photos. Next days, you can come to  Slovenia Immigration office to collect residence card and passport.

Note in case clients cannot go to Slovenia Immigration office to take oath, take fingerprint and take photos, and collect residence card and passport, we can arrange applicant to go Slovenia Embassy office which is close to the applicant to take oath, take fingerprint and take photos, and collect residence card and passport, instead of going to Slovenia Immigration office.


As of January 2019, Slovenian residents have without visa or visa on appearance access to 180 nations and countries, positioning the Slovenian passport eleventh in general as far as movement opportunity including All of Europe, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.


•     Australia

•     Paraguay

•     Peru

•     Philippines

•     Poland

•     Portugal

•     Romania

•     Saint Kitts and Nevis

•     Saint Lucia

•     Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

•     Samoa

•     San Marino

•     Sao Tome and Principe

•     Senegal

•     Serbia

•     Seychelles

•     Singapore

•     Slovakia

•     Solomon Islands

•     Spain

•     Swaziland

•     Sweden

•     Switzerland

•     Thailand

•     Timor-Leste

•     Tonga

•     Trinidad and Tobago

•     Tunisia

•     Turkey

•     Tuvalu

•     Ukraine

•     United Arab Emirates

•     United Kingdom

•     Uruguay

•     Vanuatu

•     Vatican City

•     Venezuela


•     Azerbaijan

•     Bahrain

•     Cambodia

•     Egypt

•     Gabon

•     Guinea-Bissau

•     Haiti

•     Honduras

•     Hungary

•     Iceland

•     India

•     Kenya

•     Kuwait

•     Lesotho

•     Myanmar

•     Oman

•     Qatar

•     Rwanda

•     Sri Lanka

•     Uganda

•     Zambia

•     Zimbabwe

Visa Free 

•     Albania

•     Andorra

•     Antigua and Barbuda

•     Argentina

•     Armenia

•     Austria

•     Bahama

•     Barbados

•     Belarus

•     Belgium

•     Belize

•     Bolivia

•     Bosnia and Herzegovina

•     Botswana

•     Brazil

•     Brunei

•     Bulgaria

•     Canada

•     Chile

•     Colombia

•     Costa Rica

•     Croatia

•     Cyprus

•     Czech Republic

•     Denmark

•     Dominica

•     Dominican Republic

•     Ecuador

•     El Salvador

•     Estonia

•     Fiji

•     Finland

•     France

•     Georgia

•     Germany

•     Greece

•     Grenada

•     Guatemala

•     Indonesia

•     Ireland

•     Israel

•     Italy

•     Japan

•     Kazakhstan

•     Kiribati

•     South Korea

•     Kyrgyzstan

•     Latvia

•     Liechtenstein

•     Lithuania

•     Luxembourg

•     Macedonia

•     Malaysia

•     Malta

•     Marshall Islands

•     Mauritius

•     Mexico

•     Micronesia

•     Moldova

•     Monaco

•     Montenegro

•     Morocco

•     Netherlands

•     New Zealand

•     Nicaragua

•     Norway

•     Palau

•     Panama

Estimated time of arrival Visa


Slovenian residents can get e-visa for traveling to the United States as a vacationer. The stay is normally Long remain with a time of 90 days and visa terminates in as long as 2 years. A candidate isn't required to be available when applying for the visa and there is just a sum of 3 documents required.


Canada Visa not required for a half year eTA required if landing via air.

What is ETA?

An Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is an entry requirement for visa-excluded foreign nationals making a trip to the United States via air. An eTA is electronically connected to an explorer's visa. It is legitimate for as long as five years or until the visa terminates, whichever starts things out.