Overall Prominent Advantages

With EU citizenship, you and your family can live in Europe and appreciate a predominant personal satisfaction in safe surroundings that gives ample benefits, for example, world-class fitness care, and top-grade educational institutes.

In the midst of uncertainty, getting a subsequent visa can deliver you the security you need. Holding an EU visa implies that you will have the option to verify consular help and assurance from an office of any EU part state. European areas, for the most part, consider double citizenship, enabling you to keep up ties with your introduction to the world nation.

What do Stephen M.S.Lai and Co CPA offer?

The demonstrated reputation of successful cases

Our association's profoundly qualified experts have not just verified EU citizenship for endless customers, we have additionally settled trust among government organizations accountable for endorsing naturalization systems. You can rely on us to make your fantasy a reality.


We guarantee full confidentiality in any circumstance

Genuine strategies adapt to your needs

We guarantee you that the procedures we experience are 100% authentic and in consistence with neighborhood laws. We additionally stick to the methodology that every customer is an interesting individual with explicit needs – something we remember during the application procedure.

Qualified legal advisors 

Since you are qualified legal advisors with long periods of involvement with the field of migration assistance.