Entrepreneurs Settlement Visa in Sweden

Sweden is situated in the northern part of Europe and is a Scandinavian nation that is trio of three countries. Sweden, Norway and Denmark are part of Scandinavian nation. Sweden is bordered by Norway, Finland and Öresund. Area wise Sweden is regarded as 3rd broadest nation in the European Union. Sweden population is about 10.1 million, with 2.4 million people having a foreign background. It has quiet low population density of about 22 people per square kilometer.

Stockholm is the capital and most populated city of Sweden among all cities of Nordic nations. Nordic nations comprise of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and territories that are associated with these countries. Being the most populous city in Sweden, Stockholm also brings out almost 30 percent of country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Since 1873, the Swedish Krona (SEK) has been national currency of Sweden.

The official language of Sweden is Swedish and as being the member of European Union, there is still in progress debate on whether English should be termed as a foreign language in Sweden. To support the status of English speaking Swedish citizens, government created an action strategy in 2002. The influence of English on the Swedish citizens can be estimated by this research that, in 2012 and 2013 they were ranked first in terms of speaking the English language, proficiently.

As far as its gross domestic product (GDP) is concerned, this nation secures 7th position among richest countries in the world. By having the most stabilized gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, not only the standard of living in Sweden is quite high among the globe, but its welfare states are also most developed.

While considering the social spending, according to a report by organization for economic       co-operation and development (OECD) in 2012, Sweden was coined to have 2nd  highest public social spending at 27.3% of its gross domestic product. First position was secured by France at 28.4%. It was also mentioned in report that for both public and private sector, Sweden had the 3rd highest social spending at 30.2% of its gross domestic product, after Belgium (31%) and France (31.3%). In order to equalize the access to education, this Scandinavian country spent 6.3 percent of its gross domestic product. It is the 9th highest country among the 34 member countries of an Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). Sweden is also 12th highest among other nations that spent 10 percent of itss gross domestic product (GDP) to provide quality medical care.

This is the major reason that in Sweden, medical care is as good as that could be seen in any other industrialized country. In the list of top 10 nations having low infant mortality, this country falls in top 5. As a further matter, life expectancy and provision of safe drinking water for the citizens are its major concerns. It also ranks highly in fulfilling these expectations.

Medical assistance in this country comprises of three steps. Firstly, a person should contact a clinic to book an appointment, from there he/she may be referred to a specialist for diagnosis, who may then suggest in-patient. While out-patient or elective care options to the patient are still there. The health care sector is majorly funded by taxes and run by the 21 upper house of Danish parliament of Sweden. This is the reason that, medical fees are minimum for patients.

Sweden – from the prospective of residence

As ideology of Sweden is socialism, there are some wonderful advantages provided by Sweden for both locals and foreigners. While living in Sweden you can enjoy following benefits:

  • For the citizens of European Union, schools and universities are totally free.
  • Despite of higher tax rates in Sweden than other countries in world, you will receive notable rewards in health care, education etc.
  • In Sweden, food is great as Swedes are very professional in cooking.
  • There are plenty of extra-curricular activities in both winter and summer. With warm and fantastic city beaches, Sweden becomes an exciting place during summer. While activities during winter include hockey, cross-country skiing, ice-skating and many more.
  • Swedes believe strongly in this philosophy that, spending some quality time with loved ones and growing personal skills are key to reduce stress. These activities turn the Swedes into a vibrant community.
  • The extensive group of islands in Sweden are extremely attractive. In order to mesmerize the visitors with beautiful scenery, the set of 30,000 islands sports regular boat trips.
  • In Stockholm the SL public transport network is so much reliable and widespread, that you do not even need to use your personal vehicle to travel.
  • Internet is almost primary requirement for everyone these days. In this field Sweden is also a leader by possessing one of the quickest internet connections globally. As compared to the some other countries, internet is very affordable here. While mobile internet is also very efficient.


Sweden Education System 

The public school system in Sweden is predominantly financed by taxes. There are a lot of public kindergartens in the county. Young children having age between 1-5 years are entitled to place in one of them. This is mandatory for kids to attend comprehensive school at an age between 6-16 years. The 9/10 of the students advance to a 3-year upper secondary school, which may eventually qualify them for a job or joining university, after the ninth grade. Swedes students aged 15 also participate in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). They showcase a score that is close to OECD (the organization for economic co-operation and development) average.

This thing will make you happy and surprise that Swedish government treats both, public and private schools equally without any discrimination. After Netherland, it was one of the first nations in globe which introduced education vouchers, in early nineties. Any person, willing to serve the country through education can set up an independent school and local municipality is expected to pay new private schools the same amount as public schools get. Last but not the least, school lunch is given to all students free of charge and providing breakfast is highly encouraged.   

Sweden is also renowned due to its colleges and universities. The oldest and biggest colleges and universities among these are situated in Uppsala, Stockholm, Lund, and Gothenburg. Sweden is also fifth country in the OECD list in a specific category, whose 32 percent population possessed a tertiary degree, at the start of 21st century.  It is also a remarkable achievement of Sweden together with other European nations that, it stabilizes tuition of foreign students undertaking a degree at the educational institutions of country. However, due to ever growing population of foreign students, a bill is passed recently that may limit the subsidy of foreign students who basically belong to Switzerland and European Economic Area (EEA).

Entrepreneurs Settlement Visa

A resident permit is required, if you belong to any other country and wish to work for at least 3 months or more to setup or manage your own business, or become a fragmentary owner of a company in Sweden. Almost, like most of other countries in the world it is totally illegal to enter in Sweden without a permit. A permit is usually granted after all legal approvals. One more restriction is that, you cannot work for another employee, given that you apply as a self-employed person. So, working permit is according to your application.

Requirements to obtain a residence permit for the self-employed

Following requirements should be fulfilled thoroughly, in order to be eligible for a person to attain a residence permit.

  • A valid passport should be present at the time of application for resident visa.
  • Generally, any country in the world issues permit for the specific field where more resources are required so one should prove that he/she have the necessary experience in his/her field of work with experience of operating own firm.
  • It is generic requirement of having written and relevant, both types of expertise in Swedish and/or English.
  • If permit is required for running own firm in Sweden then, prove that you are responsible for running the complete firm or at least half of it.
  • As, every country wants to boost its gross domestic product and strengthen its economy, so you have to show what services and goods of your business would be sold in Sweden.
  • A company can only be established in any other country if you have contacts with local resources of that country, so prove that you have made client contacts or networks with local resources in the Sweden.
  • A 2 year probation period is usually allocated in order to observe the worth of business and its ability to survive under harsh circumstances, so you have to show that your business that you are planning to start will be able to balance its finance after expiry of probation period.
  • As probation period is crucial for you and your dependents including your business, so provide the evidence that you have enough funding to support your family during this period. Finance allocation for this purpose is as, SEK 200,000 for you as an individual, SEK 100,000 for you better half, if married and SEK 50,000 for every minor child.
  •    You have to present a detailed outline of your budget containing all your expenditures.

Procedure for application of permit

Sweden provide facility to apply online for permit through internet from your home country. But, you are supposed to attach the following documents while submitting the application.

  • Copies of documents in your valid travel document, must include your bio-data, signature, picture, country of origin, passport number, validity period of passport, day stamps and if applicable, your permit to stay in other nations, other than one you belong to.                                                    
  • As discussed earlier, you have to present the bank statements which should depict that you have necessary funds to support and if applicable, your family for the probation period of first 24 months in Sweden. Finance allocation is as, SEK 200,000 for you as an individual, SEK 100,000 for your better half, if married and SEK 50,000 for every minor child as finance security for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Bank documents are required that provide proof that you are in position to purchase or start a new business and to cater and bear the resources and estimated expenses needed to run the business respectively (if you are applying for work permit).
  • If you have purchased or planning to purchase a new business, sale contract is mandatory for this purpose.
  • Complete information of shares of stock issued by a company or a partnership agreement between you and local resources of Sweden under your network.
  • If you are on work permit and have purchased the business than, there should be a bank statement to show that you have paid the expenses of your half of the business investment.
  • If your business is as a result of collaboration with suppliers, then signed contracts with clients or suppliers and for business property are required.
  • In first go, business report of probation period and then business report of previous 2 years is required.
  • Income report and accounts balance sheet for the current year (this should be up to and include the previous month) is mandatory.
  • Certificate for language course or any other proof that should demonstrate that you can speak in Swedish and/or English is also mandatory.
  • Certificates to prove your academic qualifications are required to complete the application procedure.
  • Experience letters and/or certificates from your earlier employers.
  • If you own any business within or outside the Scandinavian country then its certificate of registration is required.

You will get a residence permit card if you are given a residence permit for not less than 3 months. This card worth a lot as it is your legal proof that you are allowed to stay in the Sweden. It will contain your biometric information (photo and fingerprints). If you require a visa to explore the Swedish, Embassy and Swedish consulates are there for you to issue a new travel visa for you by accessing your basic information through your biometric data taken. But it is mandatory to take the appointment in advance. If you also have nationality of Sweden or due to some specific reasons you are not required to get the visa, then you are still supposed to visit the migration agency after your arrival in Sweden to have your biometric data taken.


The resulting application for the permit would be forwarded to the embassy or consulates you choose in your online application through internet, after you have completed the application and decision is made by you. While you are going to collect your result you should have valid national passport with you. As probation period can be of 2 years, so a resident permit can be granted for this much amount of time as long as your passport validity date is greater than or equal to expiry of probation period. So, if your passport’s validity date is not expired and your probation period is about to expire then you can apply further for extension of residence permit.

If you had a residence permit for probation period i.e. for 2 years and you are also in condition to well support your family financially using income of your business, and have necessary work permits, and you acted in accordance with generally expected accounting concepts, then you may be given a permanent residence permit. But for this purpose of getting the permanent residence permit you must also be living in Sweden for more than half of each of the 2 years.

It may take some time for permit to be ready by having some details from you, but it would be delivered to you by embassy or consulate to you as soon as it is ready. As long as you receive approval from embassy or consulate it takes a maximum 4 month for card to be ready for delivery to the applicant. If approval is done, the card will be produced but not earlier than 3 months before the permit of residence becomes valid. A legal passport and your card together are presented by you after your arrival in Sweden. For your ease, you are advised to stay calm as processing period cannot take a shorter time, after all it is start of a new trust between you and the host country. 

If your origin is a country that belongs to a European union, then you may not require a visa to travel to this country of European nation, you must only provide the authorities with a copy of approval after arrival in the country. After you are in the Sweden, you are expected to book an appointment with consulate or embassy to have your photo and fingerprints taken. You don’t need to visit the authorities to get you residence permit card, as it would be delivered to you at your place, once ready.

Different permit cards are issued for different purposes like a holder of a residence permit card on the basis of self-employed you are not allowed to be employed by other company and allowed to operate your own business.

Residence permit for relatives      

If your relatives are willing to stay with you in Sweden, then they can also receive the residence visas for same amount of time as you. If you can show and prove that, you can support anyone from your family who is willing to work in Sweden and he/she is already granted with a residence permit for a minimum of 6 months then he/she can receive work permits.

Note: One key thing to be noticed that here relatives or family members refer to just your partner (spouse, registered partner or cohabiting partner) and underage unmarried children.

Application procedure for residence permit for family
You can add any of your willing family member who want to stay with you, in your online application to apply for permit of Sweden. If your relatives do not apply with you in your online application then, they are allowed to fill their own online application. There are no changes in the required documents and procedure is also same as stated earlier.

Extension in stay as self-employed person

If at least 30 days are remaining in the expiry of your current residence permit and you are willing to extend your stay in Sweden, then you can also apply for an extension.

Note: As per soft reminder, note that the migration agency of Swedish doesn’t send out reminders so it is totally up to the applicant to look forward to cater this issue.

Application procedure for visa extension 
As stated earlier you can apply for extension in residence visa 30 days before it’s expiry. For this purpose, you have to fill out an online application.

Described below are some documents that are necessary for you to send to the migration agency with the application for extension in residence visa.

  • Copies of documents in your valid travel document which must include your bio-data, signature, picture, country of origin, passport number, validity period of passport, entry and exit stamps, if applicable, your permit to stay in other nations other than one you belong to and your approval to move to other countries. But before doing this, you have to extend the validity of your passport if it is going to expire in near future.
  • Reports or accounts details of each year.
  • Income report and accounts balance sheet for current financial year. (this should be up to and include the previous month).
  • A copy of each tax return statements for your company and yourself.
  • If your company is being operated with limited liability, then your personal pay slips for past half year.
  • List of all transactions made by your company for the last 3 months in the form of back documents.
  • All the expenses of housing during your stay in Sweden.

If your residence permit expires while you are out of the Sweden and then you re-apply for the residence permit, in this case you might face some challenges coming back to Sweden until your new residence permit is issued. Here, there can be case that you may have to wait for decision outside the country. So it’s better to keep an eye on the expiry date of your residence permit before it gets expired to avoid the inconveniences.

As stated earlier if you are granted with the visa for more than 3 months then you would also be given the residence permit card. This card will contain your biometric information (photo and fingerprints) along with the guaranty that your stay in Sweden is through legal process. You have to book an appointment in order to have your biometric data taken by the authorities. The fingerprints and photo of applicants are not normally saved in the database; therefore, he/she must undergo the procedure if he/she had been given a residence permit card before.     

During your stay in Sweden, the migration agency checks to confirm, that you are running your business according to plan you audited, that you are in accordance with generally authorized accounting concepts, that you have all the necessary work permits and you can support yourself and your family with income from you receive from your business. The migration company of Sweden also keeps on confirming that you stay in the country according to properly defined criteria in the Swedish law.


Once, after verification period is completed and decision is made then renewal resident card will be delivered to your address in Sweden. If you have had a temporary residence permit for 2 years you are most likely to be granted with permanent residency, given that you meet all the required conditions. Now, once the permanent residence permit card is ready, it will be available for you in about 1 week. As you can observe that, this does not take long this time.  

Becoming a Swedish Citizen

Now, if you have stayed in Sweden for some certain amount of time and fulfil all the basic requirements and conditions that were imposed by Swedish government on you, then you are free to apply for Swedish citizenship.

Here are some basics conditions you should meet, to become a worthy citizen of Sweden:

  • You should have your own identity and you should be able to prove it.
  • Your age should not be less than 18 years and this is very basic requirement.
  •  You must possess the permanent residence permit after passing the probation period.
  • While your current and previous stay in Sweden you should have met the requirements for this period of residency.
  • While your stay in Sweden you must have self-evaluated and organized yourself properly.

Application procedure for Swedish citizenship
Again, you can also apply online for Swedish citizenship through internet. For this purpose, you have to fill out the application form. After you have filled the application form, next thing is to print it out and post it to the Swedish migration agency.

Note: while applying for Swedish citizenship, do not forget to write your signatures on it and enclose the following documents with the application to prove your identity.

  • Original copies of yours travel documents, alien passport and original national passport.
  • If in a case you don’t possess national passport, you should attach the original copies of other documents that can be used for identification from your country of birth. If the documents are more than one, then number them according to the pattern you attach them in the application document.