China Company Setup

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How to use WFOE ?

Here we will look into what WFOE can do in China and how it can be used in China?

WFOE Setup

The Setup of Chinese WFOE and Why SZQH Shenzhen Free Trading Zone, please see Hong Kong Company Database at hk-company-law under the heading of the-setup-of-chinese-wfoe-and-why-szqh-shenzhen-free-trading-zone

China Q and A

A WFOE is basically a completely owned foreign enterprise.

China Tax Resources

The following are the common classifications of tax in China

Understanding China Now

It’s often a point of observation for people or businesses looking to make investments in China since to most people

How to enter China market ?

Well first of all, we do not recommend that foreign business set up factories in the country as way of entering the market