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How to go for company registration HK?

Are you looking for a start up in Hong Kong? It is the ideal location for setting up your business. There are several type of companies, you can form. Depending on that, the procedure must be followed. Here is the idea that you are looking for, to set up a generalized business. You will get the basic idea from here about the procedure.

Choose the type of company

You will have to register the company at first. There is need of registration of the company, where the policy changes, depending on the type of firm. If you are looking for a proprietorship firm, there the rules are different. When you go for a partnership company the rules of company formation HK are different. While you are going to start a business where there will be shares and you will declare dividend at the end of the year, the rules are again different. Thus you need to appoint a lawyer to support you in the registration process. You can even go for a company that will assist you in the registration process. They are having a perfect experience in handling such issues.

Choose the trade type

Once the type of the firm is confirmed, you will have to choose the type of trade you are going to operate. There are different rules for different companies. If you are going for IT firms or for real estate trade, the rules are totally different. You will have to select the right professional in this case, who is having the expertise to register your company’s trade. He or she will be knowing the clauses, government bodies observe or check. Getting the right personnel will be tough here. If you are facing such issues, better go to the profile of the companies. They are having enough knowledge to support you and hence will assist you perfectly.

Decide the charge

The final thing that you will have to check is the charge factor. It is important to note that the individuals in this sense are going to charge more. So, the best option is to go for the companies. There are dedicated personnel to assist you. Hence the ideal support is going to be yours. There are several supporters to provide company registration in hong kong. Go through the profiles and if you are having one, consult with him or her. The perfect guidelines and assistance from his or her side is going to make your company strongly coming to the market.


Why Select Hong Kong For Company Registration

Honk Kong has been a place loved by entrepreneurs and you must be thinking why people love to start their company here? Prominence of the city is one thing that makes it a perfect place for business. Honk Kong is a financial center with free port. If you are planning to set up your business here then the process can be quite complicated, especially if you are not aware about the key issues like visas and taxes.

Nevertheless if you have planned to start a business in HK then all these complications can be taken care off. You can browse and collect information or check out the government website and read tips and details about starting a company in Hong Kong. Adequate knowledge will make the process smooth for you.


Setting up or starting a business is not easy, especially in Asian countries. You need to have enough knowledge about the local business world. Understanding the local business culture will not just help you settle down but will also help your company grow. Company registration Hong Kong has options. You can either start a new company or merge with an old already existing business.

You can take experts help for registration of your company. Getting local experienced staff or consultant is also not difficult in Hong Kong but still if you are planning to start a business you need lot of time and money. Time you will need to plan business strategy which can make your company successful and also to understand all the important points for setting up business in Hong Kong.

Getting visa for starting a business in Hong Kong is not difficult. You can start a fresh one with new trademark or merge with any of the existing business. Either way you can enjoy and be the boss of your business. Most of the people in Asia can get visa for Honk Kong except for residents of mainland China and some other nations like Cuba and Lao.

Once you are ready with your visa and business plan company registration Honk Kong is easy. You need to get the application form and fill in with the details required which includes your education and professional qualification. Any small mark of offense in past can be the reason for declination of your registration form. So it is always better to check all these things before filling the application form. Jaywalking and loitering is also considered as serious crime in Honk Kong. Your business plan should be good and it should help in the growth of the economy of Hong Kong for registration.

Like any other work visa you need a sponsor for setting up company in Honk Kong. The person whom you select as a sponsor must be a local resident and should be above 18 years of age.  You can download the application from the government website or check with an expert for help and support. Once the form is with you, make sure to read it properly and fill it properly with all details. You must also provide all the supporting documents needed before submitting the form for registration of the company.



HK Company Registration – Guide For Beginners

HK company registration means your company’s trademark is protected under law prevailing there. Registration of company is important because if you are not registered then other competitor companies take advantage of the situation. If you are a beginner then it is always better to get your company registered. Big companies can use other laws to protect their trademark with goodwill that they have earned.

Getting your company registered in Honk Kong is not very difficult. If you have a trademark all you need to do is fill up an application form and initiate the registration process. Even if the trademark has not been used you need not give any prove. Your application will be accepted and you will be given certificate of registration on basis of your application. But, once you are registered you have to use your trademark. If the trademark remains unused for long, about three years then your registration will be cancelled under Honk Kong law. But why is registration important? You can enjoy certain benefits by registering your company. Here are a few of them.

HK Company Registration

1. Registering your company and its trademark ensures safety. No one can use your company logo or any other information without your information. This will avoid misuse of your company’s goodwill.
2. If your company and its symbol are registered then you can use it anywhere you want. You can use it for branding or advertising your company which is important for its growth.
3. Your competitors even cannot create something identical to your symbol because you are the owner of the licence and only you can use the symbol.
4. HK company registration also gives a sense of security and also helps in creating a brand name.
5. Your trademark and license is a very big asset that you own. You can use it for expansion and also create a value by adding public offers.
5. Having a HK license means you can start planning for global marketing for growth and success.
If you have no idea about company registration in Hong Kong then you must spend some time to know more about it. If you start browsing you will come across a lot of information and details regarding company registration in Hong Kong. Detailed information about the process will make the process easier and help you plan better. You can also know about the documents that you will need for registration.

You can also take experts help and get your company registered in Hong Kong. There are many companies in HK offering business services to their customers. They will guide you through every step of company formation and registration process. The companies have expert staffs under them who is aware of the local rules and law. They will help you fill in the forms and submit it with all the documents needed so that you can easily and quickly start your business. You can browse online and check about the companies offering such service and then pick one which has experience in the field.


HK Company Registration – Why it should be done

Hong Kong is in an ideal location for business as far as the Asia Pacific region is concerned. The country has a free market economy that further endears it to business organizations from around the world – it is this philosophy that has also played an important role in its rise as an economy to be reckoned with in Asia and beyond. In fact, by registering your company at Hong Kong you will be able to get access to all the markets in Asia as well as other parts of the world. Hong Kong is also highly regarded around the world for its business-friendly environment.

Hong Kong Company Registration
Low Rate of Corruption

Corruption is one reason why many countries across the world have been unable to fulfill their potential in spite of their untold natural riches. Such a list includes several countries in Asia as well. This is one area where Hong Kong scores over other countries in the region. It is ranked as one country with one of the lowest rates of corruption in the world. The country also has a decent GDP, which acts as a testament to the economic progress achieved by the same.

Efficient System of Transportation

An important part of having an effective business setup in a country is good transportation, something already at the disposal of Hong Kong. Apart from that, the East Asian country also has a legal system, which is fair and justifiable. The telecommunications infrastructure in Hong Kong is commendable as well. This is the reason why so many entrepreneurs look to do business in Hong Kong.

Use of English

By virtue of being under English dominion, Hong Kong has a multicultural look and also good acquaintance with the language itself. These factors come in handy when investors from other countries look at Hong Kong for opportunities. Hong Kong also uses English common law, which places everyone on the same footing.

Skilled Workforce

This is the biggest advantage that Hong Kong has to offer to potential businesses is its workforce, which is highly skilled. This is also one another reason why so many people are eager to set up businesses over here.


HK Company Registration – Things You Must Know

Anyone who is 18 years old can open a company in Hong Kong. As a lot of people who have started their business in that age in Hong Kong would say, this early opening comes with its definite advantages. In spite of being a relatively-smaller counterpart of mainland China Hong Kong offers a whole heap of advantages for interested entrepreneurs and businessmen looking for a start in this Asian country. It has the ideal business environment where companies are able to flourish. In spite of being small, the talent base in this country – this includes people who are originally from Hong Kong and ones who are from abroad but have come and settled here and are now working – is commendable indeed.

The legal system in Hong Kong is second to none. The laws of taxation here are also really good. They are simple and thus easy to understand and implement. The infrastructure of this island country is great as well, something that bodes well for any new or established business. In fact, a lot of experts are of the opinion that if companies are looking to expand their business in Asia then they should give Hong Kong ago.

Hong Kong is also great for companies that are looking to reduce the taxes that they have to pay on the profits that they make. This is why as a growing business one of the best decisions you can take is to get your company registered in Hong Kong. Registering a company in Hong Kong can be described as a twofold process. First of all, you need to get the name of your company approved. Secondly, you need to put forward an application for registering your company in the said territory. When it comes to names of companies it may be English or Chinese or you may even have names in both the languages.

This is one of the most important guidelines for registering your company in Hong Kong. However, you need to be mindful of the fact that your company name is not a synthesis of both. It should have only English or Chinese characters. In case you want to use a Chinese name you should use the New Sai Ming font, which is the norm in these cases. This font has traditional characters used in Chinese and is also employed in ISO 10646 international coding standards. In case of English, the name of your company should end with limited. Your Chinese name should also have the same characters.


HK Company Registration

Set up your own firm with HK Company Registration

Hong Kong is in a perfect world situated with quick and simple access to all the real markets in the Asia Pacific Region and has the notoriety of being a standout among the most business well-disposed locales on the planet. Its free market economy, sound lawful framework, effective transportation framework, condition of-workmanship telecom spines and the wide utilization of English in business have added to its appeal as a spot to set up organizations. Hong Kong is a standout amongst the most debasement free economies on the planet. English normal law and standards of value apply, and with a decent GDP for each capita and an exceptionally gifted workforce, Hong Kong is a perfect ward to enroll in an organization.

Additional Professional Services

At the point when discussing organization enlistment Hong Kong it turns out to be clear that more straightforward you are as for the business more straightforward turn into the odds to effectively set up your organization. With a specific end goal to change the level of straightforwardness the main recommendation is to take the assistance of experienced and up and coming officials that will likewise give the best results. It can help you in all parts of setting up an organization in Hong Kong. HK Company Registration has turned out to be so compelling in expanding the matter of both Hong Kong and the entrepreneur.


Highlights of Tax Assessment

Hong Kong receives a regional source rule of tax assessment. Just benefits which have a source in Hong Kong are assessable. Seaward business exercises are 100% assessment free. The duty rate is low, at just 16.5% of net benefits, with no other assessment frameworks, for example, VAT, business expense or capital increases charge. There is no statutory necessity that the shareholders or executives be occupants of Hong Kong. A Hong Kong organization can be a phenomenal instrument in entering the Chinese showcase and can be utilized as a mediator when exchanging with China.


Prerequisites Needed

An abroad individual can be delegated as the shareholder and chief of a Hong Kong organization. There must be at least one executive and one shareholder. One individual can be both an executive and a shareholder. Hong Kong organization consolidation requires an enlisted office in Hong Kong and a Hong Kong occupant individual or Hong Kong partnership to go about as the secretary. The enrolled name of an organization must end with the word Limited to signify restricted obligation. Opening a ledger for your HK Company Registration is a moderately straight forward process. In request to open a corporate financial balance for your Hong Kong organization, an eye to eye meeting with the bank might be required. However because of the tremendous system of exceptional connections inside of the managing an account segment, an eye to eye visit should not have to occur. It can assist you with a whole range of additional professional services in relation to your Company Registration Hong Kong.

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