UK & Hong Kong Business Setup

Extending Offshore Business Consultative Solutions and Services Beyond

We provide business consultative solutions for offshore business setup and services beyond the initial start-up, to clients from around the globe.

Why Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Ltd?

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Why Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Ltd?
Stephen M.S Lai and co. CPA LTD. is not just a company, it is a team of dedicated individuals; expert in their fields and experienced in their job. We provide following professional services in the UK and HK:

Business Advice

We provide to-the-point, legally verified and best suited business solutions to global clients intending to invest in offshore businesses in either United Kingdom or Hong Kong. Our experts are well aware about the visa attainment, banking and business set up procedures in the respective countries.

Selecting the Right Business

Our professionals guide you about various investment options in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong and how can you benefit from them

Business Incorporation

We help you prepare applications to start up your business, file different legal registrations required in the process of starting up limited companies and incorporate your business in these countries without any effort.
Banking Services
We help you apply for and open corporate or personal bank accounts in the United Kingdom or Hong Kong meant for your offshore business.

Visa Guidance

Our advisors guide you about the documents and clearances required to apply for and attain the visas of the respective countries; apply for IELTS and other necessary formalities. Visa provision is strictly under the control of the visa authorities, however, we extend our expertise to ensure that no formality is missed on your part while applying for the visa.

After Visa issuance, we help you relocate in the new country; search schools and apply for basic utilities. We provide orientation to your new surroundings.  Later, we also help you to apply for residence visas and citizenship.

About Us

Your difficulties are our mission. Please try to contact us!

STEPHEN M.S LAI & CO CPA LTD is a joint venture started  by two partners. With over decades of experience in their respective fields, they aim to bring the effortless business solutions to clients interested in starting up offshore businesses in United Kingdom or Hong Kong.

 Our professional expertise covers a broader scope which includes; international statutory and non-statutory audits arrangement services, international corporate tax issues, corporate secretarial issues, establishment and management trust fund, insolvency management services, immigration issues, Offshore company setup and arrangement bank accounts.

Our Clients

We are proud to have clients from all over the world. They belong to different industries including manufacturing, services industries of different kinds, consulting services of different sizes and more.

Our Mission

Provide professional, prudent and caring services to our global clients, keeping in view the legalities of the countries; suggesting best use of investments

We aim to provide the professional services that saves your time and brings the maximum value to your investments.

Our Team

Our specialty lies in the experience and dedication of our team. The team consists of lawyers, accountants, immigration specialists, estate agents and researchers. Every one of them is expert in accounting, law, corporate tax and related fields. Our associates in the respective countries are also professionals in their fields and aware of the laws and regulatory structures of their countries.

Timely and Speedy Service

Our experts ensure a timely and speedy service to our esteemed clients. The standard processing time taken by government offices in respective countries is the only time period you have to bear. We provide quick response to your queries and projects and make sure that no time is wasted in needless formalities.

Consultancy For Business Setup in UK and Hong

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Hong Kong incorporation services

How to register a company in HK? Our Hong Kong incorporation services include three promotions for new company registration in Hong Kong. Open company in Hong Kong online in only one day. Submit us your application. We apply for trademark registry Hong Kong in the Hong Kong corporation registration authority. Hong Kong small business startup only 1 Day

Scheme B) Best suited for Overseas businessmen with bank accounts arrangements in Hong Kong

  • Costs only 600$ Scheme + Government fee $530 USD
  • We provide:
  • Registered Office Address
  • Appointment of Corporate Secretary
  • Registration at Companies Registry (CR)
  • Receive following corporate documents’ electronic copy over the email:
  • Certificate of Incorporation and Business Certificate
  • Original Formation documents
  • Note our packages include the following:
  • Compliance officer, and Data Information Officer as per the Hong Kong law
  • Business office address: (We receive your mail and send it to you quarterly without any further charges. In case it is urgent, please inform us over the email and we will send it via express courier without delay)
  • Public phone line (we receive your calls, tell your clients you are away, note down their contact details and email the information to you)
  • Public fax line: (We receive your fax online. We also directly forward the e-fax back to you if it is from you)
  • Receive Mail and Mail forwarding
  • Keeping significance controllers registers as requested by Law of Hong Kong.
  • Please Note:
  • For Scheme B), We only arrange the bank account opening process for Hong Kong corporate formation. We cannot guarantee the opening of the account for sure. To see the criteria of eligibility for opening a bank account opening please visit the website of relevant banks for details.
  • Also, US$250 will also BE CHARGED for proceeding the certification processing for Hong Kong holding company formation documents, passport and address proofs that are certified by CPA. Also for issuing referral letter required by banks, especially by HSBC.